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Airplane fears, Help needed?

Ummm okay Me and My Mom are going to Magic Kingdom Park in Florida... and we are flying there!!! *heart attack* I was totally excited to be going to Disney World Because I have never been. But when my mama told me we were flying I atuo freaked!!! I have heard so many horror stories about airplane crashes and Bombings and stuff. ( and Im a fan of the show LOST) So I need tips and pointer on how to not flipp out about riding an airplane!!! =]

Things you may need to know:

1. We live in North Carolina

2. I am TERRIFIED of heights

3.I have never flown before

4. My mama has never flown before

Kay thanks for all the help Poeple!!! =]]]

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    First off, its "my mom and I" (sorry, just wanted to mention it)

    Most of them areN'T real stories. Airplane accidents happen like...not a lot. Every day, airlines fly planes all over the globe and you hear like what, 1 accident like half a year?


    - The only thing you need to be afraid of is getting to your plane on time and not getting lost in the airport

    - Checking in and the security checks will be the only things you have to worry about

    - Pay attention to the safety videos if you feel uncomfortable on the airplane

    - Chew gum during take off and landing to relieve ear popping

    - RELAX. Millions of people fly everyday (maybe more)

    - Drink water frequently while on flight

    - You won't need to worry about heights while on the airplane because there is NO way you can fall of during a flight (all doors are locked and only babies can fit through the airplane windows)

    - If you are still terrified, don't look out the window...but then again, you'll only see clouds so it doesn't matter

    - If you're bored, listen to music or read a book or play a card game with your mom, but don't drop the cards

    - During turbulence, just sit down and pretend its a roller coaster

    - Wear comfortable clothing to let your skin breathe. Remember, you are in a pressurized metal tube and there are other people on board.

    - Stretch frequently

    - Ask for a pillow or blanket

    - Think of going to Disneyland as your prize for riding your first plane ride without freaking out

    - You can probably find more information on wikihow or something related

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    Flying these days is like riding on a bus, except that you spend a lot more time in the airport than in the bus station, and a lot less time on the airplane than on the bus. Both modes of transportation are boring and frustrating, too. However, there's nothing to be scared of.

    A fear of heights will have no effect on an airplane trip. Airplanes don't trigger a fear of heights, because you're safely inside the airplane the whole time. There are quite a few pilots who are afraid of heights, but it only bothers them when they're walking up or down the stairs to get in or out of the airplane, whereas when flying seven miles above the ground it doesn't affect them at all.

    Airplane crashes are extraordinarily rare, and so are bombings. You hear about them BECAUSE they are so rare, and because the news media like to tell you scary stories because that's the best way to persuade you to continue watching the news (people who are worried will watch the news more and more, looking for reassurance).

    Don't assume that you'll be stressed by flying. You might actually like it. Take-off is the best part.

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    ok well for starters your kinda like me, i fly alot, we travel alot as a family, almost every year from when i was 7. I was ever afraid, until 2 years ago, when this called "turbulence" happened! It was very scary, the plane went up and down, and ever since ive been very afraid. Im not saying this to scare you, but you always have to remember things like this do happen, but you just got to pray to God and everything will be ok. Dont think negative things like "were all going to die!" and stuff like that, some tips are...... take like those fans with you, if you get closterphobic [spelled wrong] um take some pills like the ones for getting plane sick, just in case. Um other that that, take your ipod, magazines, homework, books, anything to keep you busy. But time will really fly if you just sleep through the whole plane ride. You wont feel anything, trust me! So thats it!

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    You're actually more likely to be in a car accident than in an airplane crash. Just remember that thousands and thousands of planes fly out every day, and you hear about how many plane crashes? 1 every so often, right?

    Just take a breather and know that it's by far one of the safest means of transportation.

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    I used to journey international alot with my moms and dads whilst I was once a child. I wager it's natural to be frightened, however I've been flying because age two, so I consistently observed it a laugh an interesting. From my revel in, it is helping to suck on a difficult sweet whilst setting out and touchdown to cut down the severity of and even avert the "ear pop". Or if you have no sweet to suck on, swallowing saliva additionally is helping. Once the aircraft stops replacing altitude, you should not revel in any disorders together with your ears. Although one time, for the period of touchdown, I felt wonderful suffering at the back of my eyes, like I had electrical energy jogging via them. I had no inspiration why it harm so dangerous, it wasn't you usual "ear pop". It began in a while after the aircraft began descending and saved hurting till a couple of mins after I obtained off the aircraft. But that was once the one time it occurred to me, and I've been on over 20 flights. In the tip, the revel in of visiting in a brand new location is some thing to seem ahead to~

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    all that stuff from Lost *is fictional* it never really and can NOT happened

    its all writers dreams Not real life

    there are millions and million of flights daily that compete their journey

    of course you read horror stories thats what sells paper

    just to hear about planes making a safe journey isn't money making enough for the media

    and when was the last time an aircraft was bombed not rececnelly for sure!)

    security is lot better

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    It's more dangerous to ride in a car than to ride in an airplane. By far more people die doing everyday things than in a plane. So you are in very little danger.

    Try to enjoy the experience instead of freaking out - you are in control of yourself. Start telling yourself that you will not be afraid and nothing will happen.

    As long as you focus on the negative - it will be a horrible experience.

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    i'm rite there with you on the heights part

    but airplanes aren't scary trust me

    its just like being in a room full of seats and people and once your up in the air you can barely tell your flying if you still stress

    just come into the plane early and fall alseep before it even takes off before you know it you'll be in florida at magic kingdom :)

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    It might sound funny but try not getting much sleep the night before ou fly. The next day you will be tired and you will fall asleep fast. Try listening to music to calm down too.

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