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Is Universal Health Care in line with Christian Religious thought?

Since the Christian philosophy is one of compassion towards your fellow man and charity, wouldn't universal health care be the Christian thing to do?


The Pope has spoken out in favor of health care reform as has the American Bishops and leaders within the Protestant and Baptists Churches and the fall under Christian.

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    It is a shame we are in the 21st century and the last civilized country in the West to have universal health Insurance., It is not Universal care rather it is the right to get insurance regardless of past problems and regardless of your income, nothing wrong with it and plenty right. It will save trillions of dollars in future health care cost by enabling people to get preventative measures. All other Western nations are now paying less per person than we currently are and we do not have it. The Republicans do not care about fiscal responsibility whatsoever and less about the poor. The average Republican voter is less educated and less informed then their Democratic counterparts, that is just facts. By investing in our health care system we are investing in our people and doing that we are making America stronger and more able to compete in the future. It is the Patriotic thing to do! God Bless America!

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    You're not thinking correctly.

    Christian thought would be that the church is responsible for their own. Christian thought would be that we are charitable to our neighbor. Christian thought would be that we are responsible for caring for our own families.

    While Christianity teaches charity and responsibility, the philosophy of socialized medicine run counter to Christian philosophy. Socialized medicine is a system where we are no longer responsible, we need no longer be charitable. Rather socialized medicine makes the State responsible for all this. Socialized medicine creates a disincentive for people to be responsible.

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    In the Bible in Mathew 21:12 Jesus threw the republicans out of the Temple for making it a den of thieves.

    The republicans moved to America.

    America is now a den of thieves.

    If Jesus tried to run the republicans out of America they would hang him.

    God has turned his back on America.

    There are no real Christians here.

    Universal Health Care is Welfare to them.

    If you can't pay. You need to die.

    They don't want poor people in America.

    They have been trying to kill me for 16 years.

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    it relatively relies upon on your preexisting ideology. in case you p.c. to interpret the Christian message of charity as meaning which you would be able to desire to assist measures that see to it that each physique gets a definite minimum point of care, via any potential mandatory (or for people who think of that single payer wellbeing care is the excellent potential of allotting such care), then you certainly will in all probability help well-known wellbeing care. on the different hand, a controversy could be made that it is now no longer "charity" if the contribution in the direction of he wellbeing of others is coerced. In different words, taxation isn't charity, and from there the argument follows that Christians could desire to provide what they are prepared and able to (real charity) to offer look after the less fortunate, regardless of if such voluntary contributions do no longer assure a greater robust point of look after the needy. And there are some who argue that each physique is way less in all probability to offer, the greater they are being taxed. it is, human beings take the view that "nicely, I pay my taxes, that's meant to assist all of those social classes, so i've got completed via bit" -- and that erodes the spirit of giving. The argument is going, human beings could relatively provide greater advantageous than you tax them in case you will tax them much less. additionally, many element to information that time out that privately run charities have much less overhead and do a bigger pastime serving the needy than inefficient, normally corrupt government bureaucracies. maximum of those arguments could be made in secular words, and as I mentioned, it incredibly relies upon on the place your bias lies. you ought to use faith to argue the two ingredient of the argument, which, as an atheist, is one reason i locate faith to be particularly ineffective, and slightly frightening (useful human beings can disagree, yet while 2 in any different case useful human beings disagree over what god says is powerful ... nicely, it style of feels to me the effect is seldom what you will call useful).

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    I support universal health care. However, the Vatican can just butt out as can the other "christians."

    Source(s): 20+ years practicing law
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    Giving Health Care, YES.

    Forcibly taking money from people to pay for others, NO

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    Christian philosophy involves taking personal action to better your fellow man, not expecting the government to do it.

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