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Bush Fires In Australia?

On the news today, they were talking about bush fires in Australia, and my cousin said that the science show predictions that he was watching were coming true, because they had said that because of bush fires half of Australia would be destroyed, even Sydney. I'm kind of panicking because some of my family is out there now..=/ Anyone got any answers?

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    Hey, what kind of science show has talked about half of Australia being destroyed? Your family will most likely be okay. Are they tourists or live there? Either way, with this being in the news, they will now know about it, and be able to steer clear of any trouble. I'm sorry about all this - I just read another concerned citizen on here about the fires. I live in the Western U.S. and we have alot of fires every year, and most everyone lives, but alot of houses are lost. Say your prayers, and don't panic ... it'll be okay.

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    Bush fire wont destroy half of Australia. Sydney has high temperatures today but the temps will drop by at least 10 degrees C tomorrow. There are no major fires threatening Sydney at the moment. Fire is natural part of the Australian environment. South-eastern Australia is one of the most fire prone areas in the world. Of the 25 confirmed deaths in Victoria so far, over two thirds were trapped in vehicles. People who live in well prepared homes are better off staying and defending their properties.

    Fire events are likely to become more frequent in Australia. The community needs to become more resilient. I hope your family are safe.

    Interestingly NSW & Victoria have the largest Volunteer fire services in the world. These fires dont =more fire service jobs. What they do = so far is 25 fatalities and over 100 houses lost.

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    I live in Australian and half of Australia is most defiantly not going to be destroyed. The fires are only in Victoria and they are on;y in bush land. They are not going into major cities. Most fires are under control and a lot of people have been preparing their homes. A cool change has come through and iw was raining a little yesterday. I think that Australian will be fine.

    If you are worried, call your family to see if they have been affected.

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    in the latest Victorian fire 130 homes were destroyed where only 25 people were killed! it is sad that people have died but we have heaps of fire fighters and SES workers and people who help prevent fires, but fires are normally natural not done by humans so....yeah. If you want to know more about fires in Australia here is a link

    sorry if i did not help in any way!!!!

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    Rapid climate change can be a big problem for modern lifestyles. I suggest trying to live as the Aborigines did for centuries before white man came. I feel bad for the victims but things are gonna get worse before it gets really bad !

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    i know how you feel, some of my family and friends are trapped in between the fires.

    Ad did you hear? Some one smart *** young fireman is the cause of one of them and the others were cause by another asshole who keeps starting new fires when other are put out.

    In longer and NSW and VIC will be gone, I liv in Vic!

    Hopefully everything will stop soon.

    But who knows

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    Bush fires = Fire service jobs. thats a good thing

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