whats the name of this movie?

its about these two kids(1boy and 1 girl)

they are related somehow idk how though

theres this ice Queen and she has this mirror and it breaks and the boy finds a shard and it like makes him evil or something

sry if its not much but that's all i remember

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    1 decade ago
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    That would be "The Snow Queen".

    Here is the wiki website to the actual story, if you scroll down there are your movie choices:


    Several movies were made, so I don't know which one you saw, but it should be on that list!

    This is the most famous one with Bridget Fonda as the Snow Queen:


    It's a beautiful story. Oh yeah and the boy and girl were best friends - they love each other like brother and sister because they have been friends for so long.

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    I know what movie you're talking about, but I'm blanking on the name. I think I saw it on PBS or something. Hold on. I'll find it and be back.

    Back - it's called The Snow Queen. The girl lives with her mother, and the boy was someone the girl talked to or just saw out the window. I'm not sure. I only saw it once, and I don't think I caught it from the beginning. Anyway, the boy is homeless and freezing outside, and the mother takes him in. I don't think he was made evil, but I think he was trapped by the Queen. That part's fuzzy. In any event, I'm pretty sure this the one you're talking about.


    And unless the Bridget Fonda version changed the story for some reason, the little boy and girl are NOT brother and sister.

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