How bad are the fires in Australia? I've read up to 40 dead. Is this true? Has the USA sent help yet?

Australia has helped us so many times with our huge fires here in the Pacific Northwest and down in Florida as well.

Can the America send help? Will we?

Our hearts go out to all of Australia in this perilous time.

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    It will depend on the weather Australia and the USA firefighters have contingency relationship helping out each other with trained firefighters. If we continue to have extreme weather causing more outbreaks, then no doubt about it a contingency of USA firefighters will be needed as they have done in the past. Our fire season extends into April here in Australia. Also we are having floods in Northern Australia with houses under water from the Tropical Cyclones dumping up to 6 inches of rain in a day.

    It is a lucky country just like America but we have our weather problems just the same. Life is like that no matter where you live in this living mother nature world of ours.

    Thanks Tara.

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    The situation in Australia is similar to the wildfires in California. It is a tragic thing that happens at least once a year. I just read CNN and they said 25 confirmed dead. I am sure the authorities there have things well in hand and have no need for any U.S. aid.

  • Conan
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    1 decade ago

    they are talking about getting some firefighters from overseas, and we have received help from american fire fighters in the past

    latest victorian death toll is 35 and they expect it to be higher

    i was evacuated but only for a few hours ,,New south wales is burning as well so they will need some help

    what make me sick

    At least one firebug is adding to the misery of Victorians and hampering

    the efforts of exhausted firefighters.

    The Country Fire Authority says it is unsure of how many arsonists there are, or their identities, but has confirmed that some of the fires raging across tens of thousands of hectares are being deliberately relit.

    edit the toll now has reached 65

    edit now 84 and rising

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    4 years ago

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  • 1 decade ago

    36 people are now confirmed and over 600 houses are destroyed. That is completely devastating, even more devastating to think that some of these fires are deliberately lit.

  • CC
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    1 decade ago

    60 dead (still rising) feared to reach 100

    650 homes lost (still rising)

    Towns wiped off the map!

    It's the only thing their talking about on the news at the moment. It's so sad :'(

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    25 confirmed dead at the moment. victorias police commisioner is saying it might be 40+ though. most people are dying trying to drive from the fires. how else are they supposed to get away?

  • 1 decade ago

    This happens every year in Australia its part of the climate there and sadly people die every year. Australia doesn't need help as they are a strong country and can handle themselves.

  • molly
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    1 decade ago

    25 confirmed 40 suspected deaths and likely to rise.

    Other states firefighters are on there way there at the moment and I am sure if needed the US firefighters will be on the way over.

    I hope all these brave young men come home safely thanks Tara.

  • 1 decade ago

    50 now dead 640 homes lost

    Source(s): yahoo7
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