what are the answers to the impossibly hard quiz 3?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Here they are - I spent ages working them out! I came across this question when I myself was looking for them!

    Click Play

    Camel's Eyelids: 6

    Fish Question: Catfish

    Wait then press the button

    Shortest War: Zanzibar

    Toilet use: 2500

    Capital of Honduras: Tecugicalpa

    Nose: Click the numbers

    President: Andrew Jackson

    Length of a football field: 53 yards

    Bank Robberies: 7300

    Square and circle: click the yellow dot into a square

    Ghana: the left

    Lightening: 50, 000 F

    Polar bear: Clear

    Slug noses: 4

    Soccer: Two where the football is, and the chicken at the left

    Youngest President: Theodore Roosevelt

    Baseball: Alexander Cartwright

    Rodent: Capybara

    Sport: Squash

    Horse vomit: 0 feet

    Maze: Click Go, and then work your way around without touching red, and click End

    Cell Membrane: bilayer phopholipid

    Cockroach: weeks

    Jack: 4

    Isabeau: The third one - GREEN

    Epitaph: William Shakespeare

    Transport: Elevator

    ZIP: Zone Improvement Plan

    Galapagos Islands: Ecuador

    Use a toilet: 2500 times

    Smallest bullet: 2.7mm

    Titi: Monkey

    ~Second Round~

    ASCII: American Standard Code for Information Interchange

    George Washington: 0.17

    Best Supporting Actress: Gale

    Eyeball: 18mm

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  • duitch
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    4 years ago

    Hard Quiz With Answers

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  • bobbie
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    4 years ago

    I was wondering much the same thing

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