Aspects of the Holocaust?

Can someone identify some aspects of the Holocaust and what you have read about them that interest you? What related questions do you have about them?

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    Some aspects of the Holocaust. First, how it turned from a program of persecution and an effort to simply drive jews from German land(stealing as much of their wealth as possible in the process) to a conscious effort to actually murder every jew the Nazis could get their hands on. Questions: who first proposed the switch in policy? How much did Hitler know about the Holocaust?

    Another aspect. How the eugenics policies of the Third Reich turned into the Holocaust. The Nazis first experimented with mass killings using mental patients and physically handicapped persons. From shooting them, to loading them into special trucks, to the gas chambers, the Nazis steadily refined the process.

    Another aspect of the Holocaust is how the refinement of those processes were made not only for efficiency, but in order to reduce the stress on the soldiers or guards carrying them out. The Nazis discovered early on that mass shootings left the shooters with severe stress, and an increased likely hood of suicide. So they worked to find methods that were more"humane", not for the victims, but for the perpetrators.

    The money side of the Holocaust. The Holocaust was not only a policy of extermination, but it was designed to be an economic boon to the government. From stripping people of all their property except what they could carry(which would be taken from them later anyways) to stripping corpses of gold and silver fillings, artificial limbs and eyes, and even their hair, to the calculated gain by working prisoners who were slowly starved to death, and sent to the gas chambers when they could no longer produce enough. Where did all that money go? how much money did the nazis make?

    The logistics. While in Germany proper Jews had been singled out, isolated, and identified well before the start of the Holocaust, once Germany began its conquests, there was an intense effort made to seek out the jews in occupied terriroties. Not only to identify them, but to ship them hundreds or thousands of miles. All this required manpower, use of railways that were needed for the war effort, building supplies for the camps and holding areas, and vast amounts of paperwork. Had even a significant fraction of this effort been applied towards the war goals, how much longer might the war have lasted?

    That's a few for you.

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    one million. How to make cleaning soap and different merchandise from lifeless Jews. two. All the exclusive methods hired to kill Jews. three. The institution to circular up Jews and ship them for "payment within the East" with out phrase getting out as to what was once taking place to them. four. "Terresinstance" ( pardon my spelling) was once an intricate quilt tale to will have to the sector that the Jews have been quite being resettled within the east. This could make a well matter. five. The lifetime of Jews in hiding. Some 1000s lived via the battle at the same time hiding in Berlin. 6. There was once a huge application in German towns and cities to get certification that they have been Free of Jews. Much like going "Green" in these days.

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