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i am 36 weeks pregnant and today i have been having back ach with period cramps full points for best answer?

really strong on and off all day very strong braxton hicks and lots of bloody mucas bit by bit all day is this normal i also feel a bit sick was very tired this afternoon and had to go and sleep for an hour

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    Sounds like you are in the early stages of labor. get as much rest as possible cause you are going to need it. Call your doctor and see what they say too. plus have a timer handy so you can time the contractions. good luck!

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    sounds like you are in the early stages of labor.

    Call your midwife/doctor & tell them whats up.

    Be sure to keep timing them. When they become 5 Min's apart go to the hospital.

    Good luck!!

    Source(s): read tons of midwife, doula & nursing books. I want to become a midwife
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    you could be going into early should time the contractions and head to the e.r. because you shouldn't have any bloody show so the best of luck to you!

    Source(s): mother of two girls
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