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Yugioh Question please help?

hey i was just wondering if there are any cards that would add a Trap Card from my deck to my hand on the spot i hear that there is a card that goes with "the Archfiend Field Spell" (sry forgot name) and that is not a card i am talking about

I just need a normal spell card, trap card, monster card that can add a spell card from my deck to my hand.


sry guys i ment add a trap card from my deck to my hand on that last part i was kinda in a rush while typing

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    a cat of ill omen (too top of deck)

    a feather of a phinex (any card to top of deck from grave)

    mask of darkness (grave too hand)

    all your draw power cards

    that's all i know about that

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    um... Cat of il ommen puts any trap from your deck onto top of it so that u can get it next turn. its a weak monster and this is its flip effect. other than that, i dont think a such card exists. Hope i helped.

  • DMOC (Dark Magician of Chaos) can add a spell from your deck to your hand...too bad its banned....and harvest angel of wisdom can add a COUNTER TRAP card from graveyard hand....just not deck to the answer would be no...

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    I don't know any cards llike that noramally traps are one time use knida deal unless it's a continuis trap

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    A Cat of Ill Omen does it, if you have Necrovalley on the Field.

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    forgot if there is one, but mask of darkness add one trap to your hand from graveyard.

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