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What parts of the weed plant have THC in it?

To start off, if your gonna say stuff like dont do drug, dont even answer this question.

I know the bud has the most of it, but what other parts have THC in them? the leaves? the stem? The roots?

I wanna try making a marijuana cake with all of the plant in it but i first want to know if they even have THC in them.

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    Only the flowery part has the potent thc. The other parts might have small amounts that have no effect on any individual.

    I presume your a doctor making a cake for a patient, or do I.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Use the buds, you could even add the inside of seeds for nutritional value, the small leaves near where the plant buds also have some thc so throw those in too. I love the weeds,got some plants myself

  • Adam
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    1 decade ago

    Just about all of the plant has a little bit in it - though only the buds have enough to make it reasonable to smoke. Rather than baking a cake with the whole plant, it makes more sense to do some kind of extraction on the lesser-value parts of the plant.

    Try soaking the low-value parts (leaves, etc) in a heated oily substance, like butter on the stove. Then use the butter to make your cake.

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