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Avast and Spybot Search And Destroy?

Can i run both of these at the same time to save time? Or will that cause problems?

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    you can run both of them at same time but you will notice that its gonna take a bit long to finish because they gonna be searching for similar files and it will cause something like busy traffic but you can still run both if you want but its better to run them separately because that way it doesn't make your computer do too much and take alot of memory for it to run .I hope i was able to help good luck.

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    Yes you can, Avast is an anti virus program and Spybot is an anti spyware program.

    My recommendation to you are. that you install at least 2 anti spyware programs on your computer

    Here are some very good programs.

    Also you are trusting a free anti virus program to protect your computer against viruses. What you should do is install these 2 free programs as extra protection.

    I have Panda internet Security 2009, but still have the 2 programs I just mentioned installed on my computer

    Threatfire is an anti virus, that can be installed next to any other anti virus program on the same computer

    This is a very good program, that completely runs in the background

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    Yes. You can have only 1 anti virus program, but you can have more than 1 spyware program.

    Just don't have them Avast and Spybot doing full computer scans at the same time. But the real time scanning on each program works great. Never slows down my pc and it only has 500mb ram.

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    You are fine running them at the same time. The big problems that you get when you run two antivirus programs together. The two programs are trying to do the same thing and it can cause programs. You can run an anti-spyware and an anti-virus at the same time. I have even had 2 anti-spyware and an anti-virus scanning at the same time. Of course I leave the computer while it scans because it slows it down but of course that is going to happen. You have three programs scanning your computer. Good luck.

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    I am on my other computer, no problems so far.

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