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Could it be that women simply aren't interested in careers in the hard sciences and maths...?

Despite countless modern Feminists like the preeminent Virginia Valian who feel that sexism runs amok and is the primary if not sole cause for the under-representation of women in the hard scencess & mathematics, please consider this:

In a recent study by sociologists Neil Gross of Harvard and Solon Simmons of George Mason U., 1,417 professors were asked to explain the relative paucity of female professors in these fields (hard science, maths, engineering). 74 percent, attributed it to differences in the subjects that characteristically interest women, while 24 percent put it down to sexist discrimination and 1 percent to women's lack of ability.

Does this data help refute this notion of rampant sexism being the main reason that women don't tend to go after careers in the upper echelons of these fields?,pubID.2...

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    One of the things that strikes me about feminists, is that they think men and women are the same. And we are NOT. Not only do we have different bodies, we also have different minds, different mindsets, and our brains are wired up completely differently. Men have a certain aptitude for certain subjects that on the whole (not every time) are better than women. And vice versa. Its TRUE.

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      The wiring thing is nonsense. I know a Russian woman who majored in Math Computer Science and Physics. It's people like you that keep American women bound up in lies! Shame on you! Idiot!

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    No it does not! Does the relative scarcity of white rappers point to discrimination, for example? LACK OF INTEREST is nowadays probably the chief cause of disparities in occupations among different groups more so than any discrimination. I've known several cases of talented women in physics simply STOP CARING about physics all of a sudden and drop out just when things were going great for them careerwise. To be at the top requires TREMENDOUS sacrifices, not to mention stupendously long working hours, for guys and girls alike. For women that means having to make the painful choice between children and a top ranked career. It's simply more difficult of a choice to make for women and is already difficult enough for the men themselves.

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    Some women are interested in them and those women pursue those careers.

    The rampant sexism comes in when a woman HAS chosen that career and she finds the work environment hostile because of her gender. It happens.

    It is possible that hearing about such sexism from a few cases acts as a deterrent to many women to not pursue those career fields. So there is a bit of a domino effect.

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    Actually, in response to another post, women have better balance than men because they have a lower center of gravity. That's one of the reasons the balance beam is a female-only event in gymnastics.

    As for the question itself, it's not that women aren't interested. Some of them are but it's not something that the majority of women will ever be interested in. To be fair, most men aren't interested in the hard sciences and math either. Many pursue those fields because they believe it will bring them good paying jobs. Men are more likely to go for jobs that pay well than women do even if it means they end up absolutely hating their jobs.

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    I know a Russian woman who majored in Computer Science and Math, Physics. It's the American bias that keeps this nonsense going. This wired differently nonsense , is bunk. There are many books that debunk this and also the brains are wired differently bunk. You make your own brain by what you experience.America is a very sexist country and much of the West.

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    I agree with Elf#3

    It's kind of like the attitude 'weeone' shows to men who choose Education, Social sciences, and Arts as a career.

    Men face sexism too.

    If a person wants a career bad enough they'll work through it.

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    I've never been interested in Math or Science, although I am very educated. My little sister on the other had is looking at a career in engineering.

    I think it is a lack of interest, not so much discrimination.

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    You can argue it all u want 2 but common sense dictates that men and women ARE different sexes. Although they SHOULD be treated equally, they are NOT equal physically, mentally, or emotionally. Therefore, there are things a woman can do better, & things a man can do better :


    men can zone in & concentrate on something, ignoring outside stimulus, better than woman can. Like when they are watching TV & hear/see nothing else.

    men are better at visualizing & moving 3-d objects in their mind. i think that answeres the science/math question.

    women are much better at talking & they can strengthen vocabulary & additional languages easier. : i'll admit; guys say dumb crap without thinking all the time! Plus- who usually wins most arguments. U Can't argue witha woman!


    men are stronger, the muscle/fat ratio is higher in muscle and less in fat in men than in women.

    men have better balance than women.

    Both the male & female body are needed to create life, but ONLY the female body can sustain life.

    The female body is more durable & regenerates better than the male body.

    The female body is MUCH more alluring than the males. Men are all hard & veiny & nasty. they have bald heads, big bellies, & hairy asses. Makes me wonder what women like in us. women are soft & smooth. Plus a sweaty guy stinks alot more than a sweaty girl. That;s deffinately due to the muscle/fat ratio.

    • Rachel L6 years agoReport

      You're the most sexist idiot on the planet! Puke!

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    Of course. If they were interested in said careers, they'd persue them.

    If they're not persuing them, they don't want them. Sexism has nothing to do with it. There is such a thing as women scientists, those women obviously wanted that career.

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    I bet the differ. I am currently working on my CS degree and have to take lots of math and science classes. It is my willingness to show myself and others that anything is possible if one puts his/her mind to it.

    I laugh at guys in their faces when they tell me that they are majoring in Education, Social sciences, and Arts. I know that I am rude but I just don't understand why they would select those easy fields. Is it the laziness that they are seeking for?

    • Rachel L6 years agoReport

      You should have seen all the drunk and doped communication majors at my college! LOL! They wanted a lazy degree, so they could get stoned all the time.

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