Help with internet explorer error code 0xc0000022?

I am running windows vista home 64 bit (I believe) and I cant fix this problem.

I keep getting an error code 0xc0000022 when I try to open internet explorer. I can't fix this problem. I can get online using AOL but not internet explorer. I can't find my disc of vista and can't seem to do a system restore prior to this happening (all of the restore points are from me trying to fix this problem.) Please help.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    turn your compter off for 1 minute turn it on tap depnding on your comp tap f8 could be f4 a do this simitanoursly as you are turning it on then wait till you see where it says open in safe mode , also last known configuration , wll just start in safe mode when you do this it reloads your original files agfter you go back to windows you can only do so much then turn it off 1 minute then turn it on if not out of safe mode turn off 1 min turn on tapping it f8 or f4 then this time go start windows normally or last known configuration you have your comp. back

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  • 4 years ago

    this usually means that you closed the page,or navigated to another page while the memory was reading something,and was unable to finish.

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