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Do you think the stimulus bill is a spending bill and ... ?

It looks like poor people will not get any benefits from the stimulus bill like Obama promised, but the middle class? Do you think the stimulus bill is more like Joe Biden's bill?


in addition, this bill does not create jobs immediately while the unemployment is already big and it gonna be bigger if we wait any longer. There are some spending items in the bill are not the priority which shall be removed from the stimulus bill and add more immediate job creation investment.

Update 2:

To Foxyfox, the problem now is that not enough tax and too much spend.

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    I have actually read most of thing( it took me several different times). There is just too much in it. It is too big. There are so many things in there that I am saying "what is this doing in a spending, stimulus bill that just doesn't belong". There is a lot of rearranging of law codes that have absolutely nothing to do with the economy.

    Ex: Sect 1273 (b) is all about messing around with federal employees and what not about religious practices.

    This is just one example, but there are plenty of others.

    There is too much spending on worthless stuff, and there is absolutely nothing I can find that guarantees it will create jobs for Americans.

    There are a lot of good things in there like pretorius is talking about, but not enough to offset the B.S. Most of the spending just pumps up the government.

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    In all honesty it's a terrible idea. When one stimulus plan already went into affect, it's not a solution to just do another and make it even bigger. Also, everyone is so freaked out about the economy right now a majority of the people will just save the extra money instead of spending it, thus putting the government further into debt for no reason.

    And heres a fun fact. Where do you think the money comes from to pay for the stimulus? You think it's free? A majority comes from your tax returns as sort of an "advance" on your tax returns. There's no such thing as a free hand out. So for those who support this bill, don't be too angry when your returns are miniscule this year.

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    I don't know how bills become bills but along the way they are like fabric that picks up lint along the way until you have a big lint ball. We need to remove the lint and concentrate on the bill as it was meant to be as a job creation bill.

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    Yes of course it is. That is the whole point. It is spending to get the economy going again.

    The current system doesn't benefit the poor anyway. Many of the projects that will be invested in by the US govt in the stimulus plan will directly them though. EG making it easier to afford eduction and healthcare.

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    I think the stimulus bill is wrongly named...

    It should be called, spend all the money we have, and will ever have, and put us and the whole usa in financial hock for at least 20-30 years, and use that to reward all the organizations that paid for any democrat elections...

    How that sound?

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    Why would I want the lazy get any money or benefits from this package?

    You need a strong middle class for this country to do well. A strong middle class = a strong America

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    We need to quit bailing these big named companies if we would start a new and forget these rich idiots we would be better off..

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    how would it be a stimulus bill...without being a spending bill....that didn't make sense.

    those unable to have tax forms last year still get tax breaks in this bill...not sure what you are talking about there either.

    middle class with about 1000 in tax cuts per couple...sounds good to me

    perhaps you should read a bit more on it

    the next 5 presidents won't be able to spend what Bush did as far as sinking us in debt.

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    Like all governmental spending bills, it's nothing but a gang-bang of political payoffs.

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    This stimulus is doing nothing for the housing crisis/middle class.

    It's a huge dipshit sandwich that everyone takes a huge bite............OPEN WIDE.................let your grandchildren know to open wider.

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