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stress out點解

stress out, chill out點解?

有冇其他xxxx out, xxxxxx in, xxxxx up之類o既英文?

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    Stress out means burden with lots of pressure, tension, and strain.

    Chill out means to relax or take time out, to calm down.


    1. Sitr up a hornet's nest - to make people angry.

    2. String out - To make something extend over a great distance or a long strectch of time.

    3. Stuck-up - acting as if other people are not as good as you are.

    4. Chime in - to agree, go well together.

    5. Chip in - contribute.

    6. Chew out - to scold roughly.

    7. Choke up - to come near losing calmness or self-control from strong feelings.

    8. Eyes pop out - very much surprised.

    9. Fit in with - to fall into agreement or accord with.

    10. fit out - to give things needed; furnish.

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    1) stress out = to emphasize 強調

    例: John stressed out how he won the table tennis game.

    2) chill out = stay cool, don't get excited. 冷靜

    例: Chill out. you wouldn't like to hear it.

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    同類字很多, 可參看樓上所列句子, 什佳.

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    get out

    get off

    get in

    get away

    get up

    take away

    go away

    run after







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