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B asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago

how about 定 what about ...

細細個學係 how about..

但係 *(唔知有冇聽錯) 睇電視/電影 又成日聽到人講 what about..

係咪唔同情況用 what / how 咁 ?

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    1 decade ago
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    1) "how about" ---->This is used to make a suggestion.

    2) "what about" ---->This is used as a reminder about something. It is like saying "Let's not forget about......".

    Additionally, I would say it has more of a suggestive quality to it because it is an interrogative.

    If we say, "Let's not forget.....", it sounds more like a command. (Actually, I'd say it is.) It's a negated imperative form. (first person plural) It is a stronger sounding statement.

    For example:

    Tom: How about going to the cinema?


    John: What about your exam tomorrow?


    John:Oh, don't worry. I'll study after the movie.

    ----->[Oh, 唔o西擔心。睇完戲我會去溫書。]

    I hope that helps. =D

    Source(s): 自己..... 10 幾年在加拿大生活所得的經驗
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