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being a celebrity

What are the good points and what are the bad points?


Give me more point, please.Quick! Quick!Quick!

Update 2:

Explain what you feel it would be like and what you would do if you were a celebrity.

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    1 decade ago
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    Good points:

    1.Your messages and agendas will be heard.

    2.You might make history.

    3.Celebrity fanatics stand by their idols even during tough times4.You get a lot of attention and admiration from the public.

    Bad points:

    1.Doing the normal private things that couples do can become impossible with the media after every square inch of page viewing possible. Shopping, going for a coffee, eating out, sitting in the garden, spending time on holiday. It all becomes impossible.

    2.In many films an actor has to fake a relationship with someone. While they are somewhat removed from reality by repeated takes and huge amounts of people on set it's still intimacy and closeness, and with the amount of time spent off set and the closeness that can grow between people, there's still a real chance of a relationship starting.

    3.It must be very difficult for most celebrities to juggle work, their personal lives and how they are perceived by their audience through the media.

    4.Every time you are out in public you are heavily scrutinized and each bit of your wardrobe is analyzed and ridiculed.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I can give you a few: ^^(Each point 5 of them.)

    For good points:

    - Many people would likes me.

    - I can be so famous that everyone knows me.

    - If i am a celebrity, i can be a singer, too!

    - I can go on to the TV.

    - I can recieve a lots of presents from my fans!

    For bad points:

    - I would be so busy in my work.

    - There would be too many people taking photoes on me.

    - I may be taken ugly faces photoes by otheres and on TV!

    - There were not much free time for me to be a celebrity...

    - There are not much time for me to meet with my parents.

    Wish that i can help you, thx!^0^

    Source(s): My self,,, .>0<., wish i can help you alot!!>
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