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? asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

請問這三個英文單字 怎麼分別???我不懂




好像都有實際 現實 實務的意思ㄟ


i don't understand

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  • 1 decade ago
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    可以多翻英英字典唷 其中的解釋會解決你的困擾 ^_^

    pragmatic (講求實際的; 重實效的) 【常用於讚美】

    解釋: 遇到不同的情形會視情況而用最合宜的方式解決問題,而不會盲目地遵循舊有的原則,且非常注重最後實際的結果

    ex: Jenny discarded the old rules and carried out the task with the

    practical ideas. And the manager totally appreciated the results.

    practical (注重實際的; 有實際工作能力的)

    解釋: 重實際情況遠大過於紙上談兵,且能以很聰明的手法處理事情及難題

    ex: They've agreed to store the furniture; but we still have the

    practical problem of how to transport it over there.

    realistic (現實的; 實際的)

    解釋: 明理且合理的

    ex: It would be nice to get the iPod shuffle, but I've got to be realistic

    about it - I can't really afford one.

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