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英文文章and每篇文章10單字 四篇 20點

因為我英文很爛 又沒有英文字典可以用



誰能幫我找出四篇文章 ( 短篇 )


幫我找出來 讓我參考嗎 ....


這位大大能幫我找出裡面的單字嗎 還有中文意思...


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Technical proficiency in the singing voice requires

    1. sufficient energy generated by the breath management to match

    the degree of resistance offered by the vocal folds and

    2. vocal tract configurations that produce the exact acoustic

    characteristics dictated by the phonemes.

    Put another way, each vowel has its own laryngeal and acoustic

    configuration, and a correspondingly specific resonator tract

    shape must match that configuration; airflow excites the larynx

    into vibration, an action that activates responses in

    various regions of the vocal tract.

    Appoggio activity, laryngeal configuration, and vocal tract

    shapes must be in agreement. Sometimes a singer may think

    that faulty breath control is cause of inconsistent vocal timbre,

    when in actuality the resonator is not in sync with the breath supply;

    that is, breath management cannot become efficiently operative

    because laryngeal events are being matched by vocal tract postures.

    If the phonetic aspects of the phrase are distorted,

    laryngeal freedom is impossible. If lip, jaw,

    zygomatic posture, faucial arch activity, tongue position,

    and the location of the larynx itself are not in accordance

    with phonetic definition, breath management will not

    be optimum; there will be discomfort at the level of the larynx.

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