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How many aspirin does it take to kill yourself?

I just wanna know, because I took 13 and I stopped cause I got scared and now I've had this headache for two days now. I took the pills on Tuesday night. Could I still die from that or what?

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    The LD50 for acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) is 1750mg/kg. LD50 is the lethal dose in 50% of the population based on calculations. Normal aspirin comes in 325mg per pill. It would take a lot of aspirin. Like most medications, Aspirin is not something that you want to take in large quantities. Aspirin decreases prostaglandin production, which is responsible for inflammatory responses (causes inflammation) which is why it can be used to relieve pain. Prostaglandins are also responsible for protecting your stomach from the acidic content. If you take a lot of aspirin it can break down that protection and can lead to an ulcer, which could lead to internal bleeding. Also, aspirin has anti-platelet activity, which means that your body could lose it's ability to clot blood. Losing this ability means that if you bleed from a cut (or ulcer) that your body will lost it's ability to stop it.

    I'm not sure why you took that much aspirin, but for whatever reason it was a poor choice. If you were bored and had nothing better to do, or worse, if suicide was the motive I recommend that you see a therapist to help you. There are ways of coping with these feelings to make your life better and enjoyable.

    If you were taking this much aspirin because of a headache, pain or other medical reasons I recommend that from now on you consult your doctor or a pharmacist about how much to take before you take too large of a quantity again.

    If you have any other questions feel free to email me.

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    Ld50 Aspirin

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    How many aspirin does it take to kill yourself?

    I just wanna know, because I took 13 and I stopped cause I got scared and now I've had this headache for two days now. I took the pills on Tuesday night. Could I still die from that or what?

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    Yeah, I know someone who swallowed a 500 hundred ct. bottle and lived, not sure at what mg. amount though, but that was after they vomited, drank alot of water, was rushed to the ER, crying, realizing they really didn't want to die, and was forced to drink charcoal to absorb the rest. Luckily they didn't have kidney failure or any major heart damage, but it was not worth it, just if you are trying to be crafty and think about doing something like the stunt they pulled. Just don't take more than the recommended amount listed on the bottle. If you take more than 8 or so you'll probably hear ringing in your ears and feel dizzy. I'd say that would be a good indication by your body to stop your aspirin intake.

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    Not likely.

    You would need to swallow an entire bottle of aspirin over several hours.

    Your body will reject anything it can't handle. You will vomit if you've had too much.

    Is your headache on one side of your head? Just the front? Just the back? That's a migraine.

    Tomorrow go get Extra strength excedrin and take as directed.

    I also suggest getting some sort of scented bubble bath, even if you are male.

    Also, look for Chamomile scented candles.

    Sleep. Get plenty of fluids.

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    How many aspirins does it take to be fatal for a women of 150 lbs.?

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    I looked at this because at 17 I did the same. I had major problems and heartbreak and thought I could not go on. It did not kill me thank God, because now at 69 yrs old I have had such a wonderful life, had so many experiences and wonderful people come into my life. Im not ready to go now, since looking back I am excited about whats to come, and I also want to help others before I go. I thank God so often, that I was not successful at killing myself at that young age and missing the life I did not know was going to come much later. It has all been worth the wait, the painful teen years to bring me to a fulfilling adult life. I hope this gives hope to someone. No matter what you are going through, it does not mean this will be the rest of your life. I promise you.

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    13? Damn. Well I think that if you were going to die, you would have died by now. The headache is just the aftermath of taking so many pills. (Kind of like when you get high/drunk for the first time.)

    But I wouldn't advise you do it again- and if your still worried go see a doctor.

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    i have took 13 aspirin tablets and im getting this excrutiating stomach pain

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    I hope you regret doing this. If you do, you should go see a doctor just to be on the safe side.

    And please know that whatever problems are causing you so much pain right now are only temporary. Don't allow yourself to be overcome by hardship. Instead, allow yourself the opportunity to grow.

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