Why do people insist after all these years that the Black Panthers were not racist?

These guys sat on the roofs of buildings and took potshots at people. Their purpose was to overthrow the government of the United States. They were charged with sedition and the ones that did not escape were found guilty. Bobby Seals, one of the leaders escaped to Libya, where he was embraced by a young Khadafi.


1. Neither Dr. King nor Malcolm X backed the Panthers.

2. I got this from a. living during the time this went on and seeing the news, reading the paper and b. I have a BA in American History, so don't hand me that "Freedom fighting" business.

3. Don't even compare the strides made by Dr. King with this group! Dr. King made progress and considered ALL races. The Panthers hated whites.

Update 2:

Patrick O, Bobby Seals was a racist in his younger days. I have heard he had repented and left the Panthers sometime around the 1980's.

Update 3:

T., you need to have a long talk with that history teacher. Is he or she young?

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    Until I read some of your answers I was sure that everyone knew that was a racist organization from the get go. So is the NAACP.

    Learn some new depth of human ignorance nearly every day on here.

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    It actually depend on what year your talking about. The "new" Black panthers are definitely racist. Their like black supremacist if you will. The old blacks panthers were different. At some point the black panthers had some inter-conflicts and split. One part wanted to go beyond the black community and help everyone who was and is underrepresented and oppressed in mainly American society, thus Power To The People. The other part just wanted to focus on conflicts in the black community and just strengthen their base, thus Black Power. At some point the black panthers did have some corruption problems and they disbanded themselves after that. But many of the old members still keep the dream alive.

    Their purpose was not to overthrow the government of the USA. The CIA and the USA government put up a lot of propaganda during the Civil rights era to put down what was going on. You seem to be a victim of it and you probably should educate yourself about it, instead of insulting people. We were basically having a cultural revolution and old racist people did not want to change the system. Many things that the black panthers did benefited many communities and cultures in the USA , not only with social boundaries but with financial problems and etc. Very powerful and strong group of people back then.

    Their purpose was basically to help the suppressed people in their communities to go beyond what was expected and made of them, to go for the American dream.

    People insist to tell you the Black Panthers were not racist because you obviously do not know scratch about them.

    Source(s): History class
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    Well nothing you said here provides proof they are racist.

    From my understanding they were about bringing help like jobs, food, housing, etc. to a group of people who the government refused to acknowledge even existed. Black people had to pay so much taxes yet got half the services. Black people weren't even allowed to own property. The black panthers didn't care much for white people they cared about helping black people who faced white racism.

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    If they were taking shots at people, it was at the oppressors, not at innocent white people. The Panthers did NOT target innocent white people, but the people who oppressed innocent Black people and children. They were just a group who were angry and fed up with the sht that was being fed to Black folk for so many years. Besides, a large number of Black Panthers went off to marry White women. Racist my tush.

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  • because they were not. They were fighting a system that was designed to keep black/brown people down and never claimed to be superior to white people. They said that we wanted equal rights and were tired of asking.

    I have heard modern panthers are real racist which is sad, but in general the panthers have a very positive legacy.

    Source(s): who says they hated white people, they probably hated white peoples actions and white people that tried to keep them down. Also those two were dead when the panthers came out so it would have been hard to give them an ok from the grave.
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    Martin Luther King= Good man

    Malcom X= Violent, paranoid pshyco.

    I hope Malcom X led the Black Panthers, though I may be wrong. Hopefully I didn't just make a complete @ss of myself.

    EDIT: I'm laughing at the answers above me. If the govt. "set it all up to keep blacks down," why is MLK in our history books since the 3rd grade?

    And please don't say they were "fighting for equality."

    Martin Luther KING fought for equality, not the racist black panthers. I have friends that went to their pep rallies before. Let me tell you, they WERE racist indeed.

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    Well this is an easy question! Because they believe no one who is black can possibly be racist.

    The heart of those who refuse to acknowledge truth in every aspect of life, but especially racism is that Whitey is responsible for all crimes past and present against all other races because Whites have been the worlds leaders. Those who say the Black Panthers are not, and never have been racist, are simply liars, and believe that the ugly hatred spewed out of the mouths of Black Panthers against whites, and Jews. Black Panthers have clearly, and loudly stated their solidarity to the Palestinians who anyone who doesn't ignore FACTS KNOWS Palestinians HATE Jews, calling them money's, and raising their young and innocent children, to be trained and brainwashed into believing it is the highest honor in to slaughter Jews, Palestinians don't want Israel, they want EVERY living JEW dead!! Palestinians want Americans dead, for supporting Israel, and saying Jews run America.

    I will mock these people by showing their education of truth, using links, so everyone can be clear, that these "some people" you mention have NO education...and their agenda by deliberately avoiding the OBVIOUSLY hateful beliefs, and slurs of the Black Panthers is to believe that ugly hate from a pro-black group is acceptable, and a even a RIGHT that belongs only to blacks, as a punishment well deserved, and OWED to all whites for any reason, since some Panthers and their supporters feel as if justice was never served for wrongs in History...not just slavery by the way.

    None of these peoples reasoning makes common sense, none of this anger has merit. They plot with their belief that they are owed for everything wrong in the world, and it's their holy right to be the army of justice against evil whitey. Their thinking is insane.

    Palestinians are LIARS, and INSANE, Israel never stole land from Palestinians. There was no Palestine in 1948, as they claim the Jews stole land from them then. I have the proof in this link below:

    The truth about Palestine:


    More to the point, as I mentioned, the Black Panthers adamently take the side of the lying, murdering evil loving terrorists Palestine. The leaders of Palestine know their land was not stolen at all, in fact they didn't have any to steal, and have deceived and tricked much of the world, and stupidly, most refuse to read a book, and study...absolute falsehoods are easily excepted by the uneducated, uncaring lazy..., MUCH of the world believes Palestine existed in 1948, and Israel stole it, because Not only did Arabs claim it, Jews are the most hated and attacked unfairly group of people in History, But I do not believe for one heartbeat, that the Black Panthers themselves are deceived about Palestine (perhaps their sponsers are since they seem to blindly follow BP leaders, who fullfill their non justified bllodthirst for power, and punishment of dead people to be paid by their living white ancestors) ...no, they also KNOW that Israel does not, and has never belonged to them...but they, like Palestine, don't want the world educated with truth...how could they give their Ugly Distructive, and purely evil agenda to become the Masters of whites in what they say is Justice any validation?

    They want us all to just be quite, and believe what they say...no books, or facts for you...And what is gross about it all, is their claim to be doing a righteous deed for Blacks around the world...They say they LOVE their people. That is also a LIE. If they love their people, they would not give their blanket absolute alligence to Palestine, who swears by their God that ALL Jews should be dead, and brainwashing their own children from birth to right before they strap them with explosives to kill some Jews in a bus, that Israel stole Palestinian land and murdered their ancestors in cold blood.

    IF the Black Panthers LOVED their people, they would be preaching on roof tops for their people to study, and use Libraries instead of hanging out in pairs, dressed all in black from head to food, like a gorilla war fighter, holding sticks at voting booths across America to try and intimidate whitey into voting for Obama...they chose HATE over their own people...they make me sick, they shame themselves, and abandon righteousness.

    Source(s): The Black Panther Party and Palestine Solidarity http://www.psreview.org/content/view/7/68/
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    your right the black panthers are the same as the klan- both racist

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    its like blending toilet paper and chicken bones in a blender... http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Av3rj...

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    they had white and mexican allies(brown berets). william ayers was one of their allies.

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