If I get a doctorate in psychology and a bachelor in crim. justice,?

what careers are open to me?

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    1 decade ago
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    Cop, psychologist, counselor, teacher.

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    You don't really need a doctorate in psychology and a BA in criminal justice. If you wanted to be a parole officer you wouldn't necessarily need to study criminal justice, though it may help. I have a degree in psychology and at my university there was a specific outline of classes that were recommend if someone wanted to work as a parole officer that did not require an additional degree in criminal justice, though a minor may help. Basically a Ph D. in psychology is over kill and takes long enough to get so I don't see the point in getting a BA in criminal justice on top of it. I'm working on applying to Ph D. programs for psychology and you usually end up working as a researcher, a counselor or a professor when you're done. If those prospects aren't up your alley then you might want to stick with a BA and a minor or just do a double major in psychology and criminal justice, criminology, or political science. You may also want to look into law school as a BA in psychology and maybe a minor in political science or even a humanity is a really good background to have as long as you're a good reader and critical thinker.

    Source(s): BA in Psychology + minor in Philosophy
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    Sounds like you would make a really good parole or probation officer.

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