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Awkward and I seemed to have a lot in common these days. In school, at home, and presently, in flight D-29 at five o’clock in the morning. Maggie Smith was helping me escape to London, England. We've been planning this for at least four months; the plan is infallible. I would be responsible for my half, my visa (which was incredibly hard to get), travel money, my ticket, my own hotel room, and some money for rent. I'm not just going to vacation--but it's going to be a permanent home; this also wasn't the least bit approved by my parents. It has always seemed that I loved Europe, without even seeing it in real life.

It was much quieter in the flight to England, most people didn't fly to England in the winter; it was often too cold for tourists' taste. I actually prefer the cold over most warmness; rather be cold than be sweaty. Maggie decided to move to the seats across from me so we could get space; she probably knew I was preoccupied with the whole “running away to England situation”. After a while, I felt awkward (again) without talking to Maggie, and since she was asleep, I could finally listen to music. I pulled out my iPod, and I decided to start off with Maggie’s CD that she gave me of a band which she really loved. I turned it on and quickly noticed unique guitar riffs, plus its bass was very well evaluated. I liked this CD, but after listening to it for a while, I lost some interest so I looked inside the CD case and opened the booklet:



Ollie Fletcher


Liam Jet


James Moon

Tour Dates:

4 December


6 December


7 December


9 December


13 December


14 December


17 December


21 December


I was slightly interested in seeing them; I was actually, though, just going to ask Maggie out of politeness, instead of force of will. After twiddling my thumbs for three hours and listening to music for four hours, I was naturally tired; and lightly starting to fall asleep.

The pilot broke my daze, "Hello, passengers. We are going to be landing in about and hour, so please re-buckle your seatbelts!"

That made my stomach flip; I'm completely excited at how beautiful it will be, I'm completely excited at how nice the people will be, and there were so asleep with an overly excited conscious.

I woke with a bump onto cold asphalt, crisp with winter air.

Update 2:

The cold bitterness fully complemented the brilliant blue sky; not a bit oppressed by its winter front. Once I was finally awake, I glanced out the window to see beautiful green trees with lovely tall buildings, far away people scurrying around, shrieks of the small little cars moving threw traffic, and the light chatter of a largely populated town; a paradise to me. Maggie slowly moved her way towards me, gaping as I was.

"Wow. This is so cool."

"No. It's beautiful." I just had to correct that understatement.

Chapter One

“I’m going out tonight, want to come?”

“Nah, I’m just uh... I’m just going to get a bite to eat or something lame. It’s eleven, kind of late for me to party. ” I sighed, stretching out on the stiff hotel couch.

“Well, we’ll eat out tomorrow okay?” Maggie patted my head, she always had some kind of anxious personality—but I loved her.

She shut the door a loudly and it shuddered in my crowded mind.

Update 3:

I sat around for about an hour hopping Maggie would get bored and come back to the hotel room, but I had no luck. We’ve been in London for three days, and it is wonderful. My apartment is already painted nicely, and I’m waiting for the furniture to come. I checked my old phone today, twenty three calls from Daniel, and two from my parents, fifteen text messages from Daniel, ten from a variety of friends, and one from my mum. I opened one of Daniel’s.

Holly…Where are you?! I’m worried about you! Are you okay? Please call me!

Ps, I miss you.

Love, Daniel

Daniel was my only reason to stay in the states. He’d been my friend for years. But, of course, I had to fall in love with him. Who could resist blonde hair and hazel eyes? Anyway, I was pretty sure he felt the same; we were together all the time. I was sure he loved me, because he had told me so, but maybe not in the context I had wanted it to be. I decided I wouldn’t leave, but he crushed me.

Update 4:

Daniel, I’m okay.

…I miss you too.


I immediately received a text back, it was only five o’clock where I lived.

Holly Armstrong. Tell me where you are, right now. I’m scared you will get hurt. I won’t tell anyone, I promise.

Love, Daniel

I trusted him, so I texted back.

Okay Daniel, I trust you. Maggie and I are in London, England. I’m going to live here.

Goodbye, Holly.

I turned off the phone. To cheer myself up, I made weird faces in the mirror, practiced a stupid British accent, stared at the wall, watched paid programming and got easily bored. I attempted to make myself presentable and grabbed my coat, pushed my shoes on, and left. I walked down the hall, and the long semi-lit corridor looked ominous. I approached the elevator without looking down, a horrible decision. With that, I tripped on my shoe and fell down. I got up with small injuries from a rug burn on my knees and palms, but I was relieved that no one was witnessed to it.

Update 5:

Out of the hushed lobby and into the thunderous lively hood of night, I pushed my way through the crowd for a while, and ran into a random bar. I took a seat and sighed, my eyes squinted and my hands clenching the sides of my head. I ordered water and sipped on it lightly while watching the news. ‘Missing girl about 17 today, seen on a ferry to Parris with a strange man. Details on this….’. That much sent chills up my spine—it related all too much. My stomach growled, and I ordered some odd dish with curry. Once it arrived, I didn’t try to smell it or take small bites; I just ate it, and surprisingly it was delicious. I keep eating away, but in the corner of my eye, I saw a couple walk into the bar, a small and happy American voice settling to the right of me. They chattered for a while, and paused when he put his hand in her lap.

“Holly?!” That surprised, familiar voice…

I looked over in surprise, and it was who I assumed.

Update 6:

“Holly?!” That surprised, familiar voice…

I looked over in surprise, and it was who I assumed. “Maggie! Thank goodness, I was so very afraid to be by mys--” I stopped noticing a charming long blonde haired man with green eyes sitting to her right. “Uh…Do I know you?”

“Oh this is Ollie. Ollie, Holly. Holly, Ollie.” I nodded my head at him. “Actually we were just talking, about how his friend and you would be great for each other.”

I chuckled, “Very funny.”

“Yeah, my friend would like you; he’d think you’re a major babe.” The tenor in his voice lured my interest. “He’ll be drawn to you. Can be a bit of a jerk at first though, not much of a flirt…”

“Well, I’m really new here, so maybe I should just …”

“We can meet you Friday night for a dinner!” Maggie yelped excitedly.

“Sure, same place?”

I sighed, but Maggie carried on. “Sure! At seven o’clock!”

“This isn’t a good idea…..” I sighed and rolled my eyes.

“Nonsense!” He laughed, and smiled.

Update 7:

Once Maggie and I said our goodbyes, we made it out into the street and hit the cold air. I was quite silent the whole way, reluctant to have a date in a few days.

“Come on, it’ll be fun.”

I scoffed and continued on. “Why couldn’t you just wait until my things were unpacked in my apartment?”

“Well, it’s only going to take about a day if we work really hard. I mean the walls are already panted and all, the furniture is taken care of. Plus, it was such a good opportunity and I... like Ollie.” I rolled my eyes and continued onto the hotel elevator.

“Wait, the furniture…came in?” I felt guilty giving her so much trouble, she was so innocent.

“I paid extra for them to deliver it directly into the right rooms; we just have to arrange it.”

I smiled, “Okay, I’m sorry. I’ll behave on Friday.” I gave her a hug and we both went into our rooms for the night.

That night I dreamt about Daniel. I dreamt about when we would have movie night at his house.

Update 8:

We would always cuddle up with a blanket and popcorn to a scary movie; when I got scared, he would hold me under his arm and whisper in my ear. He never minded when I fell asleep and slept over at his house, he’d always put me in his bed. My dream then progressed to when Daniel came to my house after school, because he had gotten into a fight that day. That night he slept at my house. As the dream went on threw my memories with Daniel, the more I wanted to see him and hear his voice.

When I woke up, I decided to call him. It was too early. Maggie left me a note saying she’ll meet me at the apartment. I hurried outside, to find it crowded as usual. I called a cab and climbed inside. The snow looked so beautiful threw the window; its flurry white dots in the gray-blue sky, and each were so individual. It almost made me jealous; I was such a plain person. My plain brown eyes and brown hair never seemed to pop out to anyone, and my shyness never helped much either.

Update 9:

“Here you are.” I daydream too easily.

“Oh, um, thanks.” I handed him £5 and stepped out into the cold. I pushed the elevator button for the forth floor, and stood back leaning on the side of wall.

I walked down the hall and inside my apartment; a crisp, soothing smell of independence greeted me. Maggie had just finished unpacking everything, which wasn’t much.

She looked up, with tired eyes and messy hair, energy drinks stretched across the table.

“Hey,” she sighed

“Maggie! Wow! It’s-it’s wonderful! How long have you been here?”

“As long as you go on the date,” she added, “Your cable is working and everything. I’ve been here since five or six.”

“You’re amazing!”

“Let’s just rest, okay?”

I smiled and gave her a hug, tucking a loose hair behind her ear that had escaped from her tired ponytail and then began to pick up the scattered energy drink cans. Sighing, she sat down on the couch and began to snooze. I sat down beside her; I had to tell her about Daniel.

Update 10:

“Um, so Maggie, Daniel-“

Her eyes opened immediately, “You didn’t tell him did you?”


“What if he tells your parents!”

“I can’t lie to him, and you know why.”

She smiled empathetically, “Have you called him? Its noon now, it won’t hurt.”

I glowed with excitement, “Thanks Maggie!”

I skipped inside my room and shut the door, turning on my phone. I sat down on my bed, the only thing in my room at the moment. I had three new messages from Daniel, so I opened one.

Holly, please. I don’t want to live without you, how did you get the money? Please call me.

Love, Daniel

The phone started to ring and my nerves started to scatter. I wanted to tell him so much, but I couldn’t tell him half of it.


“Daniel,” I wanted to cry for joy.

“Are you okay? Answer all my questions!”

“I’m okay. I raised some of the money, maybe $50,000. I took some from my college funds, and my grandparents gave me hundred thousand for college.”

He giggled. “You rich brat.”

Update 11:

Laughing, I changed the topic. “So how are you and,” I gulped, “Ashley?”

“Uh, we are, uh good.”


He paused for a long, awkward silence. “Hey Holly….”

I blush a brilliant, bright red, “Yeah?”

He stopped again, “……I miss you.”

Tears filled my eyes, “I miss you too.”

****************I FINISHED CHAPTERS ONE-TWO****************



Update 12:

********sorry i hadd to cut a lot out, so i had to add: maggie, my best friend.**********

Update 13:



Awkward and I seemed to have a lot in common these days. In school, at home, and presently, in flight D-29 at five o’clock in the morning. Maggie Smith, my best friend, was helping me escape to London, England. She had never asked any questions about why I wanted to go, and so the reasons were never known onto others. I told her at my 18th birthday and that was all. Now, six months later, she had gone threw with her promise. I had many reasons in a list, but I had never been brave enough to show my depth.

This plan is infallible. I would be responsible for my half, my visa (which was incredibly hard to get), travel money, my ticket, my own hotel room, and some money for rent. I'm not just going to vacation--but it's going to be a permanent home; this also wasn't the least bit approved by my parents. It has always seemed that I loved Europe, without even seeing it in real life.

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    Love it!

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    Very good but don't use so much punctuation. The only readers that like semicolons are those that read Dickens, not this kind of book.

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    First-person makes my eyes bleed

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    i didn't like it. sorry. at first i thought the girl was a lesbian. hahah

    well yeah practice some more. your writing style is great.

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    i like it alot.

    you should upload your story on quizilla.com

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    how old are your characters? ?

    keep writing ! (:

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    I liked it it was easy to visualize. But it didnt seem like she was as deep in thought as you made her out to be about the trip. Idk im no writer im just a critic. But i liked it overall.

  • nice.

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    seriously. you rock!!

    would you mind writing a short story for me, just like a random one, PLEASE

    please please please, please, just write me one?

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