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any ideas for cute things i could make or do for my girlfriend for valentines day?

im 16 and live in cardiff, my girlfriend is 16 also

since its my first valentines day with a partner im not sure how much im meant to do for this occasion. ive got about £35 and need some ideas . i was thinking maybe a rose, a card, some chocolate and maybe the cinema?

thanks :)

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    Not sure if ur lady likes Johnny Depp, but last year my super awesome bf gave me some delicious homemade truffles (my favorite chocolate) and one of my favorite movies on DVD called Chocolat (romantic lovey dovey perfection) and we watched it together an he fed me chocolates. I've had three valentines days that weren't truly Lonely Heart Days, (with other guys) and they were all run-of-the-mill and impersonal. Amazingly enough I'm spending this V-Day with him too. Basically think about what she likes and make it leave a lasting impression. Chocolate helps too though.

    Source(s): Here's a recipe for some truffles you can trust Alton cos he always knows his stuff in case you wanted to go that way
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    That would work. If you want to make something, try a photo album filled with pictures of you two together and things like ticket stubs and receipts from places you've went together. Or you could make a heart shaped paper chain with different events from your relationships so far (like when you first met, first kiss, first date, etc)

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    Roses, a card, chocolates, and the cinema sounds perfect. I know I would be happy. :-)

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    you can also get her a gigantic teddy bear

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