Which "point and shoot" digital camera has the most features and takes the best quality pictures?

I 'm hoping to hear from people who really know alot about the new point and shoot cameras on the market today.

I am in the market for a new camera to take on my first cruise.

I would like suggestions on up to $500.

Thank you.


(I am not worried about the camera taking videos, as I have a separate camcorder for that because I believe one cannot do justice for both pics and video).

Was going to get the Sony Cybershot model DSCW170, with 5X optical zoom and 10.1 mp, but heard few times that Sony 's need repair too often and that scared me off? I don't want to have a camera that is going to break down on me, so suggest cameras that last, please. Thank you.

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    Most cruises will offer a DVD of the cruise and include many of the passengers and their activities. You should have a chance to see the DVD and buy a copy if you like the results. Your picture looks like you are on a cruise! Bon Voyage!

    While most cameras take video, and some camcorders take photos; to get the best of both, you need both. Have not seen a camera that compares with the video from a camcorder and camcorders can't take good quality photos. Suggest the least expensive Canon Camcorder and the Canon A590IS camera.

    http://www.usa.canon.com/consumer/controller?act=M... ...

    In new cameras, look for a viewfinder (LCD invisible in bright sun), optical image stabilizer, and check battery prices. High mega pixel settings take longer to process and may not be needed unless required for very large pictures. Maximum print size for a 3 mega pixel setting is 8 x 10 inches. Click links below for more details.

    http://www.kodak.com/eknec/PageQuerier.jhtml?pq-pa... ...

    http://www.kenrockwell.com/tech/mpmyth.htm ...

    What gives a camera its picture quality?

    It is mostly the skill of the photographer that produces high quality pictures. The lens and camera are very important, but the ability to set the scene, adjust the cameras settings, and hold the camera very still or use a tripod with auto or remote shutter actuation when required is what gets the great pictures. Megapixel resolution is about potential output size, not image quality.

    The Canon A590IS is a slightly older model that is available everywhere at great sale prices. Think it is a great camera and a best buy. It has auto focus, a viewfinder, optical image stabilization, and uses rechargeable NiMH batteries.

    http://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/A590IS/A590I... ...

    http://bountii.com/deal-1523871-canon-powershot-8-... ...

    There is no one particular place to get great buys, but you may see something above that really helps you find the best buy. Click on the second link in the information above for an example then search for your camera of choice at the upper left. Camera prices at this link change often.

    For expanded wide angle or telephoto capabilities, the A590 IS is compatible with Canon's accessory lens adapters: A small button next to the lens bezel is actually a latch; press it and you can remove the bezel ring, exposing a bayonet mount for accessory lenses. Canon offers the WC-DC52 0.7x wide-angle lens, the TC-DC52A telephoto lens, the 250D 52mm closeup lens separately, along with the LA-DC52G adapter to mount them on the camera. (Note that the wide, tele, and macro lenses all need the LA-DC52G adapter to mount them to the camera. The lenses won't work by themselves.)

    This could be the best slim line camera with a viewfinder and ... It's PINK, but it uses a $49.50 Series G Rechargeable 960mAh lithium-ion battery.

    http://shopping.yahoo.com/p:Sony%20Cyber-shot%20DS... ...

    http://www.digitalcamerareview.com/default.asp?new... ...

    CAUTION Do not overcharge! Batteries can be damaged. Use an automatic two or more hour Energizer Compact smart charger with temperature monitor, trickle charge technology, and safety timer ($9.76) at Walmart. Use pre-charged 2000mAh Duracell ($12.97) or RayOVac ($5.97) batteries (hold charge one year) and a full cycle charge. To preserve battery charge, use the viewfinder.

    CAUTION To prevent memory card corruption, keep batteries charged and don't delete. Wait for lights to stop flashing then turn camera off before removing memory. For card readers, double click Safely Remove Hardware. Select, then click Stop and OK.

    Lots of great camera tips in this link.

    http://www.danscamera.com/Learning/going_digital/#... ...

    My camera has 5.2 megapixel, but I use 3 most of the time because it gives great results, is faster, and takes less memory. Also, it only has a 3 x optical zoom and 7 x digital zoom. I never use the digital zoom because making pictures larger works better on the computer. This is an old camera, but everyone is impressed with the quality pictures it takes ... like magic.

    Check with the Geeks in several stores and compare prices. Once you select a camera, read all about it in the owner's manual. You can view owners manuals at this link, but will need to Login. http://www.retrevo.com/s/digital+camera ...

    The source links show most of the cameras out there with prices and make digital cameras work better with help on cleaning camera and battery electrical contacts.

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    Understand that there isn't a huge difference in picture quality between a 200 dollar and a 500 dollar point and shoot. The body will be better, the lens might be a bit better, and features, yeah lots of those.

    But the truth is, most all compacts use the same tiny image sensor packed with far too many pixels because pixels sell cameras.

    If you have that kind of cash to burn, take a look at entry level dSLRs.

    They are big, and I understand why people don't want to lug them around.

    So let's say you stick to point and shoot type cameras. First avoid the super zoom. They have the smallest sensor possible to get that extra zoom. The only current model I can think of that has a sensor a bit larger than normal, and isn't packed with 12 or 14 megapixels is the Panasonic LX3, not a bad compact if you can afford it.


    Or just save the cash and still to any Canon or Sony that's 150-200 bucks, you'll be fine with either one.

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    Haha, so a silver $100 camera is better than a black camera that costs between $900-$8000? The image sensor is bigger and better and the lenses are interchangable. The quality of the pixels are so much better. I have a Fuji point and shoot and two canon DSLRS. You have full manual control and better control over your settings with DSLRs. With a silver point and shoot camera the images are more grainy and you can't manually focus through a lens. not to mention the frame rate is terrible. optical and digital zoom is such a joke compared to the fine optics of a interchangable lens, especially an L Series lens. Point and shoot cameras offer you little to no bokeh (background blur) and in my mind that makes the most artistic photo. What is better having a camera with a lens you can't change so you can't change the zoom, wideness or depth of field? or having camera that can take on 100s of different lenses ranging from wide angle, telephoto zoom, fisheye, fixed and macro? The black prehistoric looking cameras are made that way so they can feel more comfortable in your hand, to place the many buttons and dials on and yes because so they can look like older slr cameras.

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    canon a2000

    All of the major brands are good. Choose a brand that appeals to you. Then you have to think about getting a spare battery, what size memory card, if you want an extended warranty, how much you can afford, what size zoom, if you want manual controls, the size of the camera, finding a reliable place to purchase it, and the list goes on and on and on.......

    The first thing to realize is that almost any digital camera will take good pictures. If more people would read the manual more than once, they would be able to take better pictures. Usually, the person assumes it is the camera when it could be them not knowing exactly what to do. Just give yourself more photographic knowledge by doing more reading on the internet.

    I really believe buying a camera is an individual choice.

    The person needs to read alot of reviews on cameras so they can decide on the features that they really want and need.

    Go to the store and hold them so you can see if they feel comfortable in your hands. If possible, take some pictures in the store to check the quality of the pictures.

    I can only give a suggestion of what to look for in a new digital camera.

    Good Luck

    my suggestion

    go to this link for help


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    $500 can buy a digital SLR. But in terms of point and shoots I'd look into the Canon PowerShot SX10 IS. 20X optical zoom, 10 megapixels. Canon S5 IS. 8 megapixels, 12X optical zoom Kodak Z1012 IS. 10 megapixels, 12X optical zoom and Nikon Coolpix P80. 10 megapixels, 18X optical zoom. All have image stabilizer, all are aperture/shutter priority and have a viewfinder. The Canon S5 IS is $250-+ shipping at Amazon.com

    Something simple all auto is Canon SD1100 IS, about $150-

    3X optical zoom, 8 megapixels.

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