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What presentation is best for fishing rubber frogs on top of lillypads?

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    I have had plenty of practice fishing frogs. Throw out into the pads, if you can toss to bank and hop it into the water that's a good trick too. Let the frog pause and stop on a pad at times like a real frog. A good place you might get bit is the spaces you swim the frogs between the pads. Try using a stop and go retrieve or a steady slow on, you may have to experiment Good luck, fishing with a plastic frog is fun. Some other tips; don't set hook to quick make sure the fish has the bait, you will miss some strikes and use braided line lilly pads will snap mono quick. I use a 30lb test. Rib-bit!!!

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    1.) What presentation is best for fishing rubber frogs on top of lillipads?

    Well, it really depends on what kind of frog it is. Different brands have different frogs. Some, you can walk the dog, and some works better with the stop & jerk. Anyway, it's fine. Throw it to that good looking spot, and wait. In clear or partly stained water you can see fish go up to the bait and look at it. Give it a quick, sharp, jerk. The bass has probably already took the bait, then you set the hook. Or, you can just throw it out and reel it back in slowly, with stops and twitches, kind of like a spinnerbait.

    Hope i helped ya out.

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