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How long do red foxes live?

Presuming they don't get run over and die of old age.


Please help i am writing a book and need info!?

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    The average lifespan of red foxes is between three and four years. The potential longevity is reported to be 12 years

    This information is completely factual because it is on an .edu web-site

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  • lujan
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    3 years ago

    How Long Do Foxes Live

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  • 5 years ago

    up to 15 years in captivity... and typically not longer than 5 years in the wild...although of course some will live longer, and there have been the odd cases of wild foxes found to have passed at 10 years old... but sadly many also don't even live past their 1st birthday... it's rough in the wild but it's still freedom

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    Sadly,most only live for 2-4ys maximum,in the wild-depends on their habitat. Some can live up to 10yrs old,slightly older in captivity.


    ADD: "Most foxes live 2 to 3 years, but they can survive for up to 10 years or even longer in captivity" Taken from Wikipedia.

    Source(s): Red-Fox LOVER.
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    atleast 5 years... more if their lucky....

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