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Am i the only person in the world that didn't like twilight?

all of my friends were acting like its the book of the century, so i got the audio book and tried it out.

its alright in bits, the stuff when bella and edward get together is good, but it took way to long to get there. and there's no chemistry for ages. its on the blurb for f**ks sake, i know whats gonna happen so hurry up and get to the good bit.

that's another thing, the plots sooooo predictable, i know its not a very plot driven book but some imagination is appreciated. The hero rushes in at the end and saves the day just in time?, come on! if there's gonna ba a big fight between a load of vampires, one of whom has to get ripped apart, id like to hear about it, not a running commentary on what it's like to almost pass out.

and i don't get the big deal with edward either, apart from being ohh so beautiful i mean.

i wouldn't be this bitchy but i just don't understand why everyone's going so mental over it, a friend said that it was the most beautifully written book shed read, but i though it was really irritating. are there any sentences that don't begin with "I"?

clearly ive missed something important.

can anyone shed some light?

thanks : )

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    i think your right. This book had no actual content in it, I did not find it stilulating at all.

    these are top ten reasons why someone hates twilight

    . The author unabashedly, unashamedly, without the slightest hint of irony, uses the terms "alabaster" and "liquid topaz eyes." Physical features are so repetitively described, in fact, that I know more about Edward's "perfectly muscled chest" (twice in 10 pages!) than his fangs (see #5).

    2. Speaking of #1, hair deserves its own item in this list. Meyer seems downright obsessed with her characters' tresses (a word she'd use, I'm sure). Don't believe me? Quick quiz. If you've read this book, only one of these should give you the slightest trouble: Who is the character whose hair is described as: a) artfully gelled spikes? b) cornsilk? c) soft, caramel-colored, and golden? d) dark curls? e) bronze? f) a dark pixie cut?

    3. This brings me to the overt exposition that would drive me to drink if it weren't making me guffaw into my third beer already. The first, oh, hundred pages are full of clumsy nonsense where Bella reflects on herself in order to tell you important things, like that she's really clumsy, is character d above, and also is really smart. This author obviously never had a teacher intone "show, don't tell" at her. Or, as I like to tell me students (via Mark Twain) "Don't say the old lady screamed; bring her on and let her scream."

    4. And let's talk about that clumsiness and those smarts. Having just finished up "My So-Called Life" (just released on DVD!!), I may not have been in the right place to accept a fourth-rate heroine, but please. No more books where the girl is smart and clumsy, and we know that because she reads Jane Austen under the trees, says she gets lost in bookstores, and knows about the Krebs Cycle. You could practically see Meyer with her high school bio book open, searching out some factoid she could use in the lab scene to make Bella look like a Smarty McPantserson. Can we have a heroine who is smart AND reads VC Andrews, like the rest of us? Please? I know Angela Chase, and you, Bella, are no Angela Chase.

    5. Let's review what we all know about vampires, shall we? Only come out at night. Sleep in coffins or tombs (or satin sheets, if you're an "Angel" fan). Hate holy water, crosses, and garlic. Stake through the heart. Fangs. You're with me, right? Well, Meyer's not. Meyer checked "none of the above" and wrote in her own answers! How cheeky of her! Her vamps are sparkly, fragrant, mind-reading, and my favorite- can run really, really, really fast. And despite the great number of times she references their "teeth," she never can seem to bring herself to say "fangs." It's as if she wanted the vampire mystique, but not, you know, the actual monster. But no fangs? Say it ain't so! Kinda takes the bite out of it all. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

    6. Adverbs, adverbs, adverbs. Oh, and speaker tags. No one just says anything in this book. They breathe their words (despite the no breathing thing). And they're remarkably active while speaking. Playfully ruffling hair, lifting their "glorious, agonized eyes" to each other, or "flashing" them, warning, muttering, approving, murmuring, setting their jaws, ordering, exhaling sharply, booming... It must be exhausting for them. I know it was for me!

    7. So. Much. Face-touching.

    8. Despite the fact that the back of the book proclaims Edward's vampiness, it takes something like 123 pages for Meyer to get around to the business letting Bella in on it. Meanwhile, well, see #6 and #9:

    9. Constant. Dithering. No. Vampire. Sex.

    10. I admit it. I was bored. The mere fact that Meyers tells us there's conflict in the first, oh, 200 pages of the book does not, in fact, produce conflict. There were some tantalizing hints dropped about Bella's parents and about Bella herself, but they never turned into anything. Maybe I was just hoping for something? The best characters, Jacob and Charlie Black, James, and Alice, get too little screen time. In fact, for me, the book really didn't happen until James came on the scene. But I can't give that away. (It's on page 376). The most interesting character of all is dispatched far too easily. And then we're back to the dithering.

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    I have read all of the twilight books. i don't hate them, i just don't like them either. i think that the story could be very good, if it had more twists and just something more that could make you remember it. I think, if someone important could die at the end etc would make it much better. A lot of people hate the series now that its more popular. I read the book after the movie came out, but i was put off them because of all the girls who obsess over edward cullen. I once tried to tell my friend how bad the series is, and she just though i was going "crazy". but, she doesn't really know what she is on about anyway.

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    You haven't missed anything important. Twilight is a load of old rubbish. I know the books were popular anyway but i think robert pattison has a lot to do with it as well.

    And it is annoying how many people ask twilight questions BUT i guess at least people are reading instead of watching some of the crap that is on TV like 90210.

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    you're not the only one. i certainly don't get what the big deal is about, but then i guess you have to realize that there's an astounding number of people who don't know what good writing is, therefore authors can get away with laziness and weak plots (another i'm thinking of is David Eddings) because they sell lots of books and it's what's popular. there's no character development, and things like this is just ruining the literary world. as far as i'm concerned, there is only one vampire novel, and that's Stoker's Dracula. all others are cliched tripe that should stop existing.

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    I don't think it's the books so much as the questions. I've gotten reported over questions about different books while they still get to flood the boards. It's not fair, it's annoying, and they don't care. Everyone has a right to post questions here but some people just over do it for the drama.

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    i didn't get it all at first but then i saw the movie and thought that it was ok and i was like fine maybe i'll read the book then i did and i fell in love instantly it is so amazing

    try reading the physical book it connects you to the story

    sorry you don't like it you are really missing something

    maybe you are not a team edward girl read new moon maybe you like jacob black

    try it

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    Yeah the thing that scares me about Twilight is that so many of it's fans can't see it's very obvious mistakes. The book is actually terrible.

    There are plenty of people that didn't like Twilight.

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    You are not the only one, there are lots of hater and hate sites, and whatnot.

    Personally, I like the books, but... that's my opinion.

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    I fell asleep reading it, so nope you aren't the only person who didn't like it.

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    no, you are not alone. I am with you.

    And the questions about it is just outrageously voluminous; too many of them; i am sick of them.

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