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If God is all-knowing...(see below)?

...then he knows exactly what it would take for me to believe in him and trust that his Word is the truth and not just some B.S. fairy tale.

So if he fails to provide me with what he knows I need in order to have faith in him, who's to blame when I don't believe it?

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    Someone asked yesterday, "Non believers, what would it take to get you to believe?" and i responded, "All it would take for me to believe is all-powerful God to want me to believe"

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    Although what follows may sound kind of silly to Every organized faith in the world, it is what I believe- make fun of it or thumbs-down me all you wish.

    What makes you think that God is a "He"?

    Everyone's belief in the spiritual world is different.

    I personally believe that God is a woman. Why?

    I believe that God gave *birth* to the universe.

    I also believe that God is fallible.

    In other words, God is like your mother. God can *show* us the right and wrong way. But ultimately, God depends on her wisdom and love for all living (and non-living) things to help us all live together peacefully and be happy with each other.

    What proof do I have of this? Just look at the Ten Commandments... Does that not sound like something a *mother* would say to her children?

    I can understand how you think of *his* word as BS.. To me, it started making sense when I looked at it as *her* word...

    A good mother does not force her will upon her children -- she guides and shows the best paths and tries to explain consequences - some heed and understand those things better than others.

    I believe in the spirit world, too. Long story, but something weird happened. Everyone else I talked to about it said it was weird, too. So, if there's a spirit world (IMO) then it makes sense there would be a soul, *and* that those souls would be of another dimension other than the physical one that we live in - Just another part of the creation of the eleven dimensions we all live in.

    Take care,

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    He already has, and you're just not seeing them. Who do you think gave you the curiosity to find out who God is in the first place? Ok, that might be a little over the edge, but think about it this way, do you maybe have a misconception of God and what foreknowledge means? The proof is out there, but the History channel sure isn't going to provide it, the discovery channel sure isn't going to cover it, you're not going to find proof here, I seriously doubt whether or not you will read my post and change your mind. I urge you to read Lee Strobel's "the case for Christ" or "Fabricating Jesus" by Craig Evans, or "The Gospel and the Greeks" by Ronald Nash. Those books do a great job of giving objective proof which shows that the Bible can be trusted as an objective source for information about Jesus as an historical figure. If you can read those books and not come away with at least a shadow of a doubt concerning your doubts, then I don't know what to tell you. If the proof is there for you to investigate, who's fault is it again? Listen, I hope that this answer is informative and that it does help you reconsider your stance on this issue, which I believe to be the most important issue of all life. If I can be of any more help, don't hesistate to email me, and I will do my best to respond.

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    Belief in God is actually a self discovery/learning process which can take time. The biggest stumbling block for many people is the personal ego. Many Athiests believe that they are knowledgeable and highly educated people. They may have degrees and logical reasoning to back themselves up, but they have also impeded their own spiritual progress by excluding from thier experince "biblicial" explanations.

    Many Athiests claim that they are open minded and will "consider" new evidence for the existance of God, but no matter what evidence that you point them to, they will quickly denounce it as a caprice of nature. In short, they have already made up thier mind not to accept Gods existance. Their ego states that they are logical, that they know all and belief in something that they can't see or directly prove must be false.

    Finding God, is sometimes a long and personal journey which can take some strange turns. I started out as a Lutheran (yes I believed) but as my education grew, I started asking questions and not recieving answers I wanted, I had to denounce God. I then was an Athiest for a long time and actually through science and math and personal miracles found God again.

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    If I was God I would not allow for any kind of eternal heaven or hell. I do not believe that any single act or collection of single acts could or should possibly result in eternal consequences, good or bad. Also, I would not agree to punishing one man for the wrong-doings of another. That means if the first man sinned, his sins are his own and not shared with his children, children's children, and so on. No one would be born with original sin. Everyone starts with a clean slate. Finally, I would not require a living sacrifice to pay for sins. I believe that two wrongs do not make a right. Therefore killing an innocent creature (beast or man) could not possibly serve as payment for one's sins. I would be a god powerful enough to see into the hearts of men and know whether or not their repentance was sincere.

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    Knowing God is a privilege, not a right. If you aren't willing to invest the work, you won't be given access to Him. And that will be your fault. I've seen a lot of your Q&A. You are smart, funny, and articulate. So please don't read this as an insult. I'm just telling you how it is. God is not a beggar selling buttons at your door. He'll get along just fine without you. He wants you to believe, but not enough to stop being God in order to get you to do so.


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    It's still on you. You have to make that decision. The decision is not to believe or believe but it's to choose to at leat be open and neutral and even, might I dare say, actively seeking and anticipating that God will show up.

    I'm not saying you are but, it seems by the tone of the question and the somewhat aggressive, almost daring/angry feel of your question (ie. BS fairy tale, blame)... it sounds like you've already biased urself towards a negative position - aka. I don't believe in God. Make him prove it.

    So ur already not neutral. Which means u've shut God out. If this is a sincere attempt to find God I think you've done urself a disservice.

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    the bible says men are willfully ignorant of God having hardened their hearts, you don't seem like that; your so sweet and fluffy...Gods sovereignty give man free will; the basis of your question has you reigning over God. Speak a universe into existence and then you may have grounds for taking that position. I was once a skeptic but an honest look at prophecy demonstrates God is outside of time and a real look at your own heart in the light of a perfect God produces humility and exposes us as who we are; that is when you call on God to be merciful. I hope you get a good look at God soon....

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    He also knows what you would do even if he provided all the proofs for you to believe in him.

    For the people of Moses, even after the sea was parted and the people were saved they started worshiping an idol rather than the one true God.

    Why not just call upon God and ask him to guide you with true sincerity and see where that leads you.

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    But that's just it: God hasn't failed to provide proof, either of His existence, or of the fact that Jesus was the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecies.

    What God DOES do is leave a lot of the leg-work to us. WE have to do some research, do some meditating, and use a lot of logic.

    That means (gasp) work.

    God has left evidence all over the place. If we're to lazy to pick up on it, that's definitely our fault.

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    You blame yourself. Yes god is all-knowing but you can't always expect for HIM or everyone else to give you an answer, you yourself have to seek to find what you need in order to have faith. Besides faith comes from within your heart, it is something you have to feel and has to come from with in. It's simple if you believe you believe if you don't then you don't, no one can make you believe in something you don't wish to believe in but you, yourself and don' try and blane him or other people for your actions/decisions. Do your part

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