What activities does your toddle do on a typical day?

My daughter is 16 months and enjoys watching the Backyardigans and Wonder Pets and then likes to explore the house by taking out the pots and pans and her toys from her room.

I've tried to sit her down to 'color' and to use her blocks but she's not interested. However, she enjoys it when I read to her a story.

My question is how do you entertain your toddle at home? What activities do you do with him/her?


Doing activities outside our home is not a problem. We actually go out everyday. I live less than 10 minutes away from the beach and since Southern CA is mostly sunny we spend many hours out there. We also go to class twice a week at a community college which allows my daughter to be around other children. and on Wednesdays we go to the library for toddle story time followed with a hands-on activity. I also live less than 2 minutes away from the park so we also spend time there and every morning we go out for a walk...

Again the problem is finding more things to do at home.

All of you have giving me great ideas so far that I will surely consider.

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    My daughter and I like doings stretches together. Actually, anything that gets me down on the ground with her is a hit.

    I'll lay on my back and stretch my legs, do the bridge, and other little stretches and exercises. She loves to do them with me.

    She also likes it when I hold her and roll around. Sometimes I'll roll like a log and go "beep, beep...".

    She never gets tired of me chasing her around. We'll chase each other, hide, and pop out.

    Tickling is also fun. And games like, "round and round the garden" or Patty Cake or the Itsy Bitsy Spider.

    What about tea parties? Set her stuffed animals around in a circle and serve them invisible tea and cookies.

    My daughter also loves to prepare supper with me. She's a bit older than yours (21 months) but she stirs, pours, peels eggs, and nibbles on the veggies while I cut them. She loves to drop the food into the pot and check back periodically to see how it cooks.

    She also loves to help me clean. She gets to hold the scooper while I sweep. And she washes the floor with me (one of her favorite activities).

    If she doesn't like coloring, perhaps she will enjoy painting better? You could even put a huge piece of scrap paper down on the kitchen floor, strip her down to her diaper and let her crawl around in the paint.

    Do you like to dance? Or how about walking funny? Walk down the hallway in a goofy way and ask her to imitate. Try different walks and hops.

    Kids also love water. You could just put out some tupperware containers, bowls and pots on the ground with some water and let her make a mess.

    Another thing my daughter really likes to play with is colorful things like froot loops or colored paper clips from the dollar store. She likes to transfer them from one object to another, drop them on the ground and pick them up, etc.

    Another things is to lie on the ground and go, "night night" and pretend to sleep. Let her wake you up and then go, "good morning!" and sit up. Then let her try. Or put her stuffed animals to bed, then wake them up, then change their diaper, then brush their teeth, then put them back to sleep again.

    Hope your kid likes some of these ideas!

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    We are the proud grandparents of 2 18 month old girls. When visiting at Christmas for 10 days, we entertained her by going to free museums that were geared for children. We took her to the library and bookstore (didn't buy anything) where she could play in the children's section. We also took her to the local park that has great playground equipment for children of all ages.

    We also had a child's plastic tea set and small table and 2 chairs. We taught her how to have a tea party and she loved it. She put her teddy bears and doll babies in the chair and served them tea.

    She also had her own little foam chair (purchased at Toy's R Us for $25). Now grammie has a lot of books for the girls including some electronic ones. She took great pride in learning how to do those herself and then coming to show me how she did them.

    We also invested in some crayola wonder markers (markers only work on the special paper) and a magna doodle.

    Be creative and imaginative. Set up play dates for her and some other children in the area. Don't know of any? Get on-line and look for the nearest Mommy and Me play groups.

    Another idea is to organize her room. Put up toys she is not playing with right now (high on shelf somewhere). When she gets tired of the toys she is playing with, switch them out and put those up. She won't feel stressed out with all the toys and will appreciate them even more.

    Most importantly, remember that your precious daughter is 16 months old. She is curious and wants to explore. Take her to the park and let her climb on the gym equipment. Or take her for a walk every day in her stroller. Great exercise for you too! Explore the area if you are able and show her the trees and grass and leaves (or snow). It will not only be fun but educational as well.

    Have fun and good luck!

    Source(s): Raised 4 children and proud grammie of 2.
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    My kids are huge Mega Blok fans and we build everything imaginable with them! They took to those by their first birthday. They are currently 33 months and 21 months old. They do like to catch the Little Einsteins. They love to read books. They are huge matchbox car fans too! The older is a boy and the younger is a girl. My girl loves to push her babies around in a stroller and pretend to feed them, as well as put them to sleep in their bassinet. She could play with dolls forever. My son loves to play with his tractors and farm toys a lot. Pots and pans are always a favorite though. The love to play ball too; throwing, catching, kicking, hitting with a bat or golf club, etc. We just got smaller softer balls for indoors for the winter. They also have ride on toys that they still love to run around on. They are huge fans of coloring too, especially my son. He is now drawing actual pictures and shapes which is fun. They love to sing goofy songs and dance, like the hokey pokey, the wheels on the bus, head shoulders knees and toes, and of course, ring around the roses! The both still also like the stacking/nesting cups.

    EDIT: Oh, and play dough is a hit! The kids love things that they can use their imagination. We have very busy days! They do these things on a daily basis and some other things that I can't think of! When it is nice out we go sliding and play in the snow and go for walks in the summer, as well as rides on their tricycles. They are just busy active kids! But so much fun

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    We do math games.For ex when we do dishes Evan and david will tell me how many bowls there are and then how many plates and then add them together.We also go on nature walks and the boys will find some interesting stuff.

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    My boy is 2. We play a lot of cars. Plus movies once in a while. Mostly he just plays in is room and reads. He will color but only for a few mins and then he hides the crayons from me. When it is warmer he plays outside. So I don't really have to entertain him too much.

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    My husband and son play a lil indoor soccer game. He really loves it

    Source(s): Caleb's Mommy
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