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how much exercise does a hamster need a day?

and how much attention should it have a day? could my hamster get depressed if i don't play with it a lot?

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    Hi :)

    The amount of exercise varies per individual hamster (also the species) but on average in the wild, they run between 4-7 kilometers a night if that gives you a rough idea.

    I'd handle it as much as you want, just make sure if it starts to appear stressed - give it a break and end playtime.

    Hamsters can get depressed, but some of that isn't just because of owner attention - it's from shear boredom. Here are some ways to both interact with your hamster, and keep it entertained and happy :)

    The best way to keep your hamster from getting bored is to change things up in their cage once a week. Not their house, food, water - but their toys and treats.

    Be aware that sugary treats and all fruits should be avoided with dwarf hamsters as they're prone to diabetes. They can be given in moderation to Syrian (Teddy Bear, Honey Bear, Golden, Panda) hamsters - but still don't go overboard with them as it can still affect their teeth - remember, they can't brush their teeth!

    Hamsters get bored very very easily. A giant box full of different toys,a bowl of chinchilla bath sand (not dust!), a maze made out of paper towel and TP tubes are all fabulous ideas. You can get a really big plastic bin at any big store like Walmart or Target for under $10. A big thick cardboard box with even more walls and doorways made of cardboard can be even better because it's free - just be sure you check it before you place the hamster in each time for any holes or signs of potential holes :)

    Place your hamster in his or her "play zone" whenever you want to play with it. Hide treats in the tubes so they can be discovered. You can make homemade wooden toys out of interlocking craft sticks that look like popsicle sticks - and they're great for their teeth as well.

    Hamsters love to run around in an empty bath tub as well! Put the plug in, or cover the drain with a piece of cardboard so paws don't get trapped and never leave them unattended.

    With chinchilla bath sand - not the dust as they can breathe it in too easily - you'll want to place the packet of sand in the bowl. Place the bowl either into their new play area, a larger bowl, or on top of some newspaper or toweling. They will roll flip and dig in it so you'll want something under it to catch any mess and make cleanup easier.

    An idea from Stubby McMini and her hamster (I give credit where credit is due - and this is a fabulous idea!):

    "...he also has a homemade 'maze' that he adores.... I got a big cardboard box and put in 'walls' theres a room with soft bedding and treats hidden, some steps, a couple of arch doorways, toilet roll tunnels, a bish bash room.... he loves it, though he does try to climb over the side so you have to watch him carefully!"

    I love her idea! She's also very very correct about never leaving your hamster unattended no matter where it is when it's outside its cage, including when they're in their balls!

    Speaking of their little roll-a-thon balls. Make sure that you have an appropriate sized ball for your hamster! Syrians need the larger balls, dwarfs *must* have the smaller ones or it can cause serious back problems for either one. Color makes no difference to a hamster as they're color blind, but the clear ones will make it a lot easier on them to look through as far as getting around because they don't have really good vision to start with. Not as cute for us to watch, but easier on your hamster!

    Good luck - please feel free to msg me if you need any additional advice :)


    Source(s): 13 years of hamster rescue, rehab and owner education :)
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    Hamster Exercise

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    All breeds of hamster need plenty of exercise and a little care and affection at least every other day. Taking the time to tame your hamster is very important, however Syrian hamsters once tame will stay that way, dwarf hamsters if not given enough attention will revert back to their wild ways. A hamster wheel is a great way for them to exercise in the cage but go for a solid wheel rather than the metal bar type which can trap legs and injure your pet. Buying an exercise ball is also a good way to let your hamster play out of the cage, especially when it comes to cleaning, but no more than 15 minutes at a time, the little critter could dehydrate and potentially die.

    A happy hamster is a healthy one, without exercise and TLC your hamster can indeed get depressed and a a result will spend a lot of time hiding away in it's bed and will not live as long.

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    how much exercise does a hamster need a day?

    and how much attention should it have a day? could my hamster get depressed if i don't play with it a lot?

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    try and give it as much attention as possible it can get depressed and when you do want to play with it it will run and try to bite you. my friends hamster did and it ended up dying and she had only had it for a couple of months:[ if you can`t play with it put some toys and bits in its cage to keep it occupied and hamster and to about 6 -8 miles on a wheel every night so it will get plenty off exercise xxxxx you could get a ball so it can run around or if you want to pic it up but scared of it jumping nd escaping i started of with a clean plastic box uno the ones that children keep toys in then if it jumps if just falls into the box maybe put an old blanket at the bottom so its bit more comfortable because this cages play things have bars and the hamster can just climb out. also you could sit with someone else on the floor with you legs full out with theirs to make a Triangle shape then you hamster can play but can`t escape xxxxxxx hope this helps <3

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    Give your hamster as much attention as possble. even if she is just sitting in the pocket of your robe. Make sure that it has plenty of toys, a wheel, chew sticks and you!

    My hamster got depressed because when she was older and couldnt climb up her cage she couldnt get to her wheel so she got depressed stopped eating and drinking and got wettail. Wettail is a very bad thing for hamsters to have here is a good site. (btw DO NOT buy it pet store products, if u knowtice the first sign of it call the vet asap.

    If your hamster starts to squirm around while you are holding it, put him/her ack into their cage. It can cause too much stress for her/him.

    good luck! email me with any other questions.

    here are some sites on hamsters that may come in handy. =)

    good luck! =)


    p.s. hamsters cannot have pine or cedar bedding it is bad for their little respiratory system! get carfresh from your local petstore. =)

    Source(s): me and owner of 3 hamsters. =)
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    For the best answers, search on this site

    Yes, or else he will get fat. I have a female, and when I didn't do that, the b*tch gained like 8 ounces. That's devastating for a small animal. She had a drum belly, and a double chin. I controlled her meals (wiping out lunch for a few days), and got her on an exercise regiment (walking in the park 3 days/wk). She literally got back in shape in 7 days. Now, she exercises, but I include the lunch, and even throw in this protein supplement once/day. That b*tch is a model again.

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    Yep. Imagine having to be stuck in your room all day. You'd get bored too. And you'd want to get out and get some exercise... wait... I'm comparing people to rodents... eh some people are't that different anyways. Oh, back to the question, yes put the hamster in the ball everyday.

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