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chinese or mandarin song?

i'm looking for any mandarin song tat relates 2 "the meanings of life"

coz my class will hv to perform that in pantomime

the title of the drama is the meaning of life

but i hv 2 sing a chinese song in mandarin..

i want a sad song... plz anyone??

sorry for my bad english

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    JJ Lin - Always Online (i don't know if you would call this song sad, but it has a nice beat)

    Wang Lee Hom - Kiss Goodbye

    those are the only ones i can think of at the moment

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    JJ Lin-Sha shou, freeze, zhu jue, yi qian nian yi hou Jay Chou- Duan le de xian, wo bu pei, dragon knight, actually every song by Jay ^__^ Anson Hu- Take me to your heart, waiting for you, pretty girl song, because you let me say I love you wang lee hom- Heart beat EDIT~I agree with the first person, "I have no reason to pay attention to you" is a very good song by Wang lee hom ^__^ very catchy lyrics and tune:-}

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    hi... i can't speak (as in speak and understand) any chinese but personally really like cantopop and chinese music in general

    i am assuming you speak the language and this website provides the names and lyrics of different chinese songs so just try to look for one which is relevant

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    I hope i can help u , but i don't know any of those languages.

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