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幫我譯英文 thx 15分





售價$1800 已包運費

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    Dear Buyer,

    Thanks for your interests in our products.

    We will deliver the goods after receiving your T/T payment and we are sorry that we don't accept credit card payment. I will sent the goods via DHL, the total cost including the courier charge is HKD1,800.00

    Please e-mail your company's name, address and telephoon number together with the payment slip to us after finishing payment. After checking, I will deliver the goods to you at once. Thanks.

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    Thank you for your interest in our products.

    I will send out the products upon receipt of your payment. I like to inform you to wire the money to my bank account. No credit cards accepted in order to protect both parties. Furthermore, I will use DHL to deliver your goods. Please wire $XXX to my bank account. After the process is finished, please send me your email address with your address and phone information. We will definitely send out the goods after careful review.

    The price of $1800 had already included shipping and handling.

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    Hello the buyer,

    Many thanks you have the interest to my goods, after myself only accept receives the fund, mail out the goods, I hope you to be able 夠 Qian Huidao my bank registered permanent address. Does not accept any credit card payment to safeguard both sides, moreover I by the DHL ship promptly your goods, will ask you to pass to the fund my bank registered permanent address xxxxxxxx, after completing will pass on the funds process, email for me your address telephone material, after the consult, I will mail out the goods surely

    Selling price $1800 already freight charges

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    Dear customer,

    Thank you for your interest in our products. Our company will

    send out products once we received your payment through bank

    transaction. Unfortunately, we do not accept payment by credit, in

    order to protect privacy. Once we receive your payment, your product will be shipped to you via DHL.

    Please transfer payment to our bank account XXXXXXXX,

    once you are done, please include your phone number and

    address via email and so, our company will send out product.

    $1800 Price includes shipping fee.

    Thank you so much for your interest,


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