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宇仲 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago








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  • 1 decade ago
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    Taitung dropouts (Drop-out) ratio since 2005 is beginning to show growth trends, the school-age students in compulsory education phase out of school, most have given rise to a follow-up of social problems.

    However, junior high school drop-outs caused by many reasons to Taitung, is the most common personal factors. Students in the juvenile stage to despise labor studies, study of low achievement, coupled with the effects of streaming Internet cafes, the students only know that play, I do not know reading to enrich themselves. The students are learning to see with their own off-campus have a group of similar age do not need to read, and freely, began to spread the issue of dropouts.

    Dropouts problem depends on the individuals, schools, families and social environment to improve and co-operation in order to control the issue of dropouts have, and then solve the dropout students extended the negative issues.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The Taitung area midway discontinues studies (Drop-out) the proportion to start from 2005 to present is growing the tendency, the student is out of school in the compulsory education school age stage, has extremely causes the following social question. However causes the country middle-school students to discontinue studies the reason many, says by Taitung, is individual factor is most common. The student loves leisure and hates work in the young people stage regarding the studies, studies the low achievement, in addition lingers the net ka effect, the student only knows the amusement, did not know that studies enriches itself. Is being studied the student to see extracurricular has a crowd the human who is similar with the age not to need to study, and is free and unrestrained, leaves off the question then to start to spread. Leaves off the question the solution, depends on individual, the school, the family and the social environment improvement, and cooperates fully, Fang Nengfang the system leaves off the question the production, then the solution leaves off the bad question which the student spreads out extends.

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