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急 ! 英文填空 不是翻譯

More than 70% of the earth is covered in water ___1___ , when you go into a convenience store to get a bottle of water , you have to pay at least NT$15. Yet there is more water on the planet than___2___.Sometimes i get upset when i think that i could ride the bus to school for what i pay for a bottle of water . Sadly , there is sometimes no other choice . We live in a city ___3___ has lots and lots of people . It's not a good idea to drink water ___4___chemicals have been taken out . Public places may not have clean water . Thus , we go to the nearest convenience store and lose our bus fare ___5___we can drink the healthiest drink in the world : water !

1. A. Therefore B. As usual C. In addition D.However

2. A. anything B. all the things C. anything else D. other things

3. A. that B. in witch C. in that D. where

4. A. if B. unless C. because D. after

5. A. with that B. for that C. that D. so that

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    1. D 語氣轉折故用However

    2. C

    3. A 關係代名詞 that 後接形容詞子句

    4. B 依上下文語意用unless

    5. D

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    1.C. In addition

    2.A. anything

    3.D. where

    4. B. unless

    5.A. with that

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