Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry...I'm confused...?

ok so i know that the book takes place in the future but i don't get it. what happened to our civilization? it talks about the robe and the ruin song with the history of our people. i just am confused about what has happened to everything. please help me out. thanks in advance!

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    Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry.

    At first, Kira is relieved and grateful. She is comfortably housed, well-fed, clean and safe. She is doing work she loves. She has friends as well: Matt, a scruffy boy from the Fen, a poverty-stricken area, who visits with his dog, Branch, and Thomas, a boy Kira's age who also lives under the care of the Guardians. Thomas is an exquisite carver, and he is assigned to work on the Singer's staff. Kira's one desire is to find woad, the plant that will allow her to make blue thread, the one color lacking in the spectrum available to her.

    She finds a man who is later to be discovered as Christopher, her father who was blinded by his enemy Jamison. Kira is shocked and reveals to Thomas that the Singer is a prisoner, held back by shackles under his robe.

    Kira considers the fate of the Singer and her own role as the tender of the robe. She selflessly decides that she will stay in her village and work toward creating a better future for her people by working within the system even though that would mean making herself a prisoner.

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