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In the US or Canada, do you think that a private health care system breaks or violates any laws or the charter?

for those of you who are in favour of public health care, what sort of policy and legal backup do you have to negate a privatized health care system?

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    A public health care system is much better. In the UK all prescriptions including cancer, orphan drugs, and drugs for HIV/AIDs are about $10. Also in the UK hospitalization, doctor's visits, and medical tests are free too. Thirdly medications unless they are over-the-counter cannot be advertised in the UK. Finally in the UK most non-emergency treatment requires a time to wait and it means less surgery.

    America is based on a consumer driven economy which has un-necessarily driven up the price of health care to the point where it is unreachable for many people. If the US is to make health care public like the mail and transport then it will mean taxes. Also it will mean Americans will have to learn to wait and health care companies will have less direct access to the public. For me I believe public health care is the way to but I do not believe America is capable of making the transition to a public system.

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    I think a better system is private health care, because it allows for price and service competition...over time people will stop going to those who can't provide quality or timely service...and that's how the market works...

    While the idea of national health care may be very appealing, the reality of it, is that costs go down, but far worse the quality and availability goes down as well...

    There are major bad consquences to national health care, and there are better ways of improving it, rather than nationalizing it.

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  • Erika
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