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gymnastics floor routine desperate help needed for choreography! Hung Up by Madonna!!!?

So I have a meet next wednesday and absolutely no floor routine at all. So basically I'm screwed. Its just high school gym so doesnt have to be crazy but the whole school watches when they have spares so kinda want a good routine. anyways heres the music. And if anyone can even kinda help i will be forever indebted to you

soo please please please help

I'm hopeless when it comes to dance so really I just need some dance moves

Thanks a ton

And here's the link to the music if you wanna here it:

Youtube thumbnail

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    Well, I love to dance. I adore Madonna. And I often dance to that song. However, it is hard to choreograph a routine using this medium. I would suggest you watch the video to get some ideas. It's a lot of hip action. Just have fun.

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    you could % Gymnastics floor music - Mixes through ChoFrog09 418,137 perspectives Thumbnail a million:32 10 Gymnastics floor music- i like it *version a million* through BloomingFloorMusic 17,354 perspectives Thumbnail a million:24 11 Gymnastics floor music- Harry Potter topic music

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