How to breathe during intercourse to make it last longer?

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  • Adam answered 5 years ago
Follow this steps, and I'm sure you can make it last longer.

Step #1
First of all, remember to maintain slow breathing through the nose like written in the book*. This is very important.

Step #2
Every 10 – 60 seconds (depending on how bad your premature ejaculation is) loosely close your eyes and take the deepest breath possible through your nose.

Step #3
Hold the breath in for 3 – 5 seconds and release.

Step #4
Make sure when you closing your eyes you focus on nothing else but the deep breath you are taking. Create your own little world where your full attention is on the motions, sounds, the feelings, and the act of breathing. No words or other thoughts should be in your head, especially sex related.

After you have learned these steps, you can immediately proceed and learn how to make love more exciting in the next topic of the book.

* You can directly go to for more tips and technique that can cure your premature ejaculation permanently.

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  • You can call me Rob answered 5 years ago
    Sometimes by breathing out a little stronger works for me. Of course a little cursing doesn't hurt either.
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  • Levi answered 5 years ago
    Triangle breathing works for me, inhale for 5 seconds, hold it 5 seconds, exhale for 5 seconds, repeat. Works surprisingly well.
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