sexxxxxxxxxxxxxx help pleaseeee?

okay i dont really need sex help but nobody is answering pleaseeee do and il lanswer i kinda like this kid but he doesnt really know...anyway...a lot of people joke that we should get together cause we r so close. and the other day, some kid told him he sohould take me to this dance. and he was like why dont u. idk does this kid totally not like me so should i move oN? thanks


I am very aware that my grammar was incorrect and I apologize for that. I was just typing quickly and I did not proofread anything. I am older than everyone here believes I am. I truly appreciate everyone's input. Again, thank you.

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    FOA.. may i ask a question.. it seems like there's a huge age gap between u and ur man.. and plz don't take this wrong.. because i truly believe that.. age difference means nothing when it comes to true love..

    but as far as i can guess from ur information.. there r only two possible explanations.. one. he is so shy to ask u out.. and two.. he's not that much into u.. so.. plz do try to find out his true emotion and if it is because of no.1, then .. u know..u girls have some ways to show ur true feelings to boys.. so..why don't u take a stab at it..?? :)

    but if it's because of no.2 reason... you should probably move on other than dangling around someone and hoping for some miracles to happen

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    If you want people to take you seriously and give you a serious answer then please, please, PLEASE use correct grammar and spelling. While reading this is made me NOT want to give you anything but a silly answer because of the silly way you wrote. It is really frustrating that kids these days aren't brought up on proper ways to write and communicate efficiently. You aren't texting on your phone so you don't have to shorten your words. You have the ability to spell, please exercise your ability to do so.

    Anyway, to answer your question, you seem to be very young and still unable to read emotions. I am assuming that you are a girl and you have to understand that little boys your age haven't developed as much as you. Some of them still might not like girls. At that age they don't have any strong feelings yet, when a girl might have many. You ave to give it time. You should go as friends... ask him yourself. At that age it is completely appropriate for a girl to ask the boy even though you might not want to. What's the worst that could happen? He says no? The world won't end. Life will keep going on, you just have to get over it. It doesn't mean that he isn't going to stop being your friend and it will also stabilize the agony of not knowing the answer.

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    My best friend and I were the same way. We met the day before our first day in college. For about a year and a half we were best friends. Everyone said we should be together, everyone said we were together and we just wouldn't admit it. He always denied it, or avoided the topic when people said things to him.

    I finally got the courage to send him an email. I told him that I needed to know if he and I were just best friends, or if we were more than friends. I never said I liked him or anything. I simply said that life was throwing me some tough stuff and those were one of the things I needed to know.

    Within and hour I got an email back saying that he wanted to be more than friends, and that it is what he had wanted for a long time, that he was going to ask me soon.

    We now live together and we are planning our wedding!!!

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    Ok, one way to find out is to joke around about it. Like hint about wanting to or you could ask if he's going with anybody to the dance. If he likes you, he might ask then. Or you could get a friend of a friend to ask him who he likes. And if you really want to know, just ask him... though if everything doesn't work out, it might be a little awkward seeing him again. But you'll have your answer and will be able to progress forward with or without him.

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    He could very well still be putting up a front. Maybe he worries that you don't like him. Or he really likes but doesn't want to make things weird with your relationship.

    I say stay close friends with him, but move on - get a date to the dance, if he wants you, he will get jealous and act fast.

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    anyways I am just getting my points.

    move on, they made that sound like NEITHER of them wanted to take you to the dance.

    That some kid was trying to see how he would react and saying that means he is not into you that way. You can do better. =)

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    he might. some guys are just shy and deny their feelings. i mean if he said it in front of you he could just be embarrased (shy). but chances are if the kid told you that the guy you like told HIM to take you when you were not there then he probably doesn't. :( you should just ask him. if he says no then oh well. there's always someone new. take risks. :)

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    it sounds a lot like puppie love so let it go, you sound like u could be in jr. high or something if you are enjoy your pre- teen or teen years leave the boys for another few years! and also maybe he's shy or just not seeing u as a girlfriend

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    The kid you like could be shy and just trying to keep his love for you or someone elses discreet as in to himself and if he said that with you in the crowd watching he could like you.

    Hope i helped.

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    are you 9?

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