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can a air soft gun kill somebody?

i wanna buy this airsoft gun that uses co2 and is it possible to kill someone with this because i don't wanna buy it if does kill somebody

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  • Jeff
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    I dont know...but today on this forum we found out that you may:

    agitate a T rex to the point your weapon may kill him as it passes along with your body through the terrible lizards bowel tract.

    There is a Army Scout sniper who cant bust clay pigeons... he might be able to kill you with that airsoft... he says he is a superior marksman.

    Kid...airsoft or not...the safety is between your ears. Dont point aim at or shoot anything you are not willing to destroy. Wear the correct safety stuff if you are gonna play the game.

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    Can An Airsoft Gun Kill

  • randkl
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    It depends on the ammo, not the gun. The projectile causes damage to a target not the weapon that fires it. A lowly .22 can drop a black bear, deer, hog etc *if loaded with the right ammo*.

    Yes, you can load particular types of ammo that will kill when fired from an airsoft weapon....but you won't be doing that by accident. As long as you stick to store-bought airsoft pellets in an unmodified gun, you're fine. Wear your goggles and a thick shirt and have fun.

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    Airsoft guns require responsibility. Some people choose to use airsoft guns in a negligent and even criminal manner. Please read about Airsoft Gun Safety to learn about how to properly handle and use airsoft guns. Misuse of airsoft guns can result in prison time or even death and thus must be used with the highest level of responsibility

    yes if you hit them in the eye or the temple, but thats why people wear face masks and equipment while using them.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    an airsoft gun can kill someone, but its not the individual BBs that kill, its when you shoot someone to death with sheer volume of plastic BBs. Like 10,000 times in one minute.

    Normally, airsoft guns are very hazardous to the eyes and sensitive skin parts. It also hurts a lot and may result in some bleeding from broken skin from getting shot.

    Source(s): The few exceptions to that airsoft guns cannot kill people would be the M134 minigun BB gun airsoft guns. those can shoot a stream of BBs that can literally pummel someone to death. Like some of the demo videos of the gun shooting holes in TVs and computers.
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes, you can kill somebody with a BB gun too.

    I know... I was shot with a BB gun when I was 5 and my doctor said (or at least my mom told me later in life) that if the BB had gone farther down my face (I was shot in the cheek) that it would have entered my mouth and could have punctured my esophagus.

    So yes, you could kill somebody with it if you aim correctly.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    guns (even air soft) don't go walking around shooting people on their own, as long as your smart..even a 50BMG wouldn't kill anyone. its all up to HOW YOU USE IT...its not the gun...the gun just does what its told when you pull the trigger. it doesn't know what your aiming it at.

    but yes, even airsoft guns can kill someone...

  • Anonymous
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    If you hit someone in the eye it could make em blind. But i get shot with them all the time. But iv never been shot right on the head. Any other part of the body like back and arms does harm that much, its just a little shock

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    if you put it on full auto and shot somebody like 80 times in the eyes then if might kill then eventually. Don't worry about it, airsoft guns are hardly dangerous as long as everybody is wearing goggles.

  • 1 decade ago

    A glass of water could kill someone. Don't get something you are afraid of, but don't let the anti-gunners scare ya either.

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