NAVY BOATSWAIN MATE sea to shore rotation?

How much time do BMs spend at sea. Is it the normal 6 months every 1.5 to 2 months?


How much time do BMs spend at sea? Is it the normal 6months every 1.5 to 2 years?

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    Sea to Shore rotation isn't in months it is in years. You are assigned to a Sea Duty, your command is a ship, you can be gone various times. Out for a few days; out for the whole week; out for several weeks; out for a month; out a few months; out at least 6 months maybe longer. It will all depend on the ship's schedule what they are doing, workups, training, exercises, Westpac/MedRun. Sometimes you will be gone 60% of the year and other times 90% of the year.

    You do not just do 6 months at sea and then go to Shore Duty. They are completely different. Sea Duty is assigned to a command that goes to Sea. As a BM that is what you will be assigned to. You will be gone as long as the ship is gone, whether it is a few days or longer than 6 months. When you are in port you are working on that ship, you will sleep on the ship, eat on the ship, it will be your home while you are on it.

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