Is it worth it to take my taxes to someone else to do them or do them myself for free using turbo tax?

I've always done my taxes myself, but in 2008 I got married and my husband has always paid someone to do them for him.

I don't know the rules or any additional credits or things that we could benefit from. Is it worth paying the fee to someone else to prepare our taxes, or should I just do them myself?

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    It depends on the complexity of your situation. If your situation is fairly simple, then do it for free. I completely believe in saving a buck where a buck can be saved.

    If you have something trickier though like self-employment, rentals, even itemized deductions, then you might want to consider a preparer. Just make sure that you ask around and find somebody your friends/family recommend because there are a lot preparers out there who are not qualified. My suggestion is to stay away from chains like H&R Block, Liberty Tax, Jackson Hewitt, etc. because many of them have brand new preparers fresh out of their tax schools who are confused about the tax laws.

    A preparer can always help you with tax planning because once you build a relationship with them, they know your history and know what to look for and what questions to ask.

    If you need a checklist to help you figure out what to get together to take in to a preparer, feel free to print one off of my web site on the tips and tools page.

    Source(s): I am a tax professional. All answers given are based on our knowledge of tax laws and the information as you have provided it.
  • if you have a simple to file then please do them yourself because it's not worth paying 150-200 dollars for a return to be filed that's so easy you can do it yourself in 15-20 minutes and those people at those tax places are by no means tax professional either,they get 2 months of training and anybody can take the classes right off the street.

    i would never go back to none of them i learned the hard way,their way too expensive for nothing and they take way too long to file your return when you go to get them done,because they don't know what their doing most of the times.

    Source(s): i do my own every year, i got burned by the so called tax pros
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    If you do not itemize then do them yourself

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