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Help with dining room set.?

I was given a Dining room set from my uncle over a year ago. it was from the 1960's but in ok condition. it had some water stains etc so with the help of my mom, i sanded it, cleaned it, primed and painted it all black this was all well over a year ago (i used an expensive paint i might add so it's not a problem with cheap paint) anyways it looked amazing like something out of the ikea catalogue! however now i'm having some issues with it. the other day i lifted up a card that was on the buffet and the paint was missing, and the primer underneath was wet and goopy. ( it has since dried) i don't know what took the paint off, but now i need to fix that spot. how do i fix it without making it look patchy? will i have to paint the whole top? also someone put saran wrap under a hot plate durring a pot luck, and now it has seemed to melt into the table, and there are sharp lines that stick out... i don't know how to fix this. either,. will i have to sand and re-paint it also? i really don't want to do all this but i can't afford to replace them either. also my chairs are falling apart.. i have fixed them all as best i can for now. however are there any secrets to keeping them from breaking again? i just can't afford a new dining room set. and these ones mean a lot to me anyways as i got them after my aunt passed away. any advice/suggestions would be awesome!

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    The best way to fix a small area without it looking patchy is to sand the area smooth and prime and spray paint it. Laquer goes on much thinner. As far as the chairs, whenever you repair them, add a little liquid nails to hold it togehter where you can't see. It lasts a LONG time.

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