Night Terror? what should I do?

I have a history of general anxiety disorder. Recently, i've been very stressed about my work, my mother, my chronic health conditions, and about having to drop a semester of school. My boyfriend and I are having to move in with his mother because of financial issues, just a whole lot going on.

Last night, we were watching Pulp Fiction before bed, turned it off after that crazy heroin scene and I was trying to go to sleep. He fell asleep before I did, which almost never happens. I like having the security of his wakefulness as I drift off to sleep because i'm often afraid of being injured in such a vulnerable state and have trouble falling asleep.

As I was laying staring at the window, a childhood phobia of alien abduction (spawned from watching one of those stupid dramatic recreations on the discovery channel) started running through my head. i started to think that possibly an alien would make him unable to awaken and paralyze me (mind you, I haven't thought about this since I was 9, and I'd forgotten all about that show until I started to remember the testimonies). I would drift to sleep and then snap awake, shake him awake enough to talk to me, then try to go to sleep.

Finally, I must've fallen asleep, but not for very long. A few minutes later, I awoke screaming, he was crying out, and I was very confused and disoriented. I couldn't figure out why he was mad at me until I started remembering my dream, an alien machine had been coming through my window and trying to take him and I was trying to grab, claw, bite at him to wake him up to make sure he wasn't sedated by the alien so I could get us to safety. When I awoke, I had punctured several places on his sides with my nails and teeth and he was bleeding and crying, very mad at me.

He told me he had been screaming and trying to shake me off for several seconds, and I only remembered trying to pull him away from the attacker and don't remember him even being awake, saying my name, yelling, or anything like that. i only remember screaming very shrilly when I saw that machine descending down on us.

We were both shaking violently for about 10 minutes like we were cold, and I felt like the whole thing wasn't real and couldn't remember if it had been a dream at all, was still a bit worried there really had been an attempted abduction until I calmed down and realized that was ridiculous, that it was just a dream.

He checked the window, a bit convinced that I had seen something, too, then when the plastic covering over our windows wasn't punctured, was satisfied that we were safe, went to cleaning up his scratches (some of which were fairly deep), told me that since this was an isolated incident, and he had been a psychology major, that he didn't think this was too big of a deal, then moved our guns to his side of the bed.




Over the summer, I had been trying to sleep with my mom and granny in a camper out in the woods. This was the first time I'd slept away from my boyfriend in a bout a year, and I was pretty nervous about no men being around with us out in the woods. I had my gun safely packed away (unloaded) in its case in the back of the camper, with the bullets on me in case i needed to load it quickly.

As I was falling asleep, I was hearing weird noises, had a weird nightmare about people crawling on the roof of the camper trying to poison us with gas when I awoke to a shrill noise. The carbon monoxide detector. It was going off, only a few minutes after I'd fallen asleep, I was convinced that my dream was real, scared the **** out of mom and granny trying to explain it to them, them thinking I was crazy, me running around the camper looking for people, holding my bullets in my hand, etc, finally having to call my boyfriend to come pick me up. It was the same sort of disoriented feeling upon waking from that incident that I felt last night, only, I actually responded last night, whereas with the first incident, I woke fully into consciousness, able to see and register events as they were, even if I was a bit freaked out and irrationally blaming the gas on intruders.


Answers to questions:

I have a gun because I live in a bad neighborhood near campus with lots of break-ins and robberies.

I did sleep next to my mom until I was 11, then she moved in with my stepdad and slept on the 2nd floor with me alone on the 1st floor. It was a terrible adjustment.

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    a couple things....

    if you have insurance you should be checked for forms of sleep disorders....

    and go to to deal with the feelings.... this is a fantastic site.... the info and technique there are FREE to anyone, easy to learn and apply, and it REALLY WORKS.... it is fantastic because it is healing things western medicine has not been able to, and it is based in physics, science, also.... so check it out, read the stories, etc... pass it forward....

    I know you can heal this...

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    Wow, well I have dreams similar to yours, where sometimes I cannot tell if they are real or not. Imagine my disappointment when I thought my boyfriend bought me a H2 HUMMER and looked out my window to see it wasn't there. Anyways, lots of people have dreams, and nightmares like you. The problem is, you are acting out these nightmares. Theres no doubt that this could be dangerous but you are not alone. You need to deal with the nightmares. For me, I try to think of pleasant things only while I am trying to fall asleep.

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    sleeping phobias are really normal it normally start in the childhood. let me guess you use to sleep with your mom when you were a child.

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    I actually read all of that!

    Why do yhu hav a gun?


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    1 decade ago

    In the time you wrote that book, you could've go googled ways to stop night terrors.

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