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Will dropped charges keep me from joining the military?

Will dropped charges keep me from joining the military?

im 20 now i wanna join the navy. i got arrested when i was 16 for illegal position and drug paraphernalia but got a Y.F. on it . again when i was 18 for breace of peace and interfering but b.o.p. was dropped. and again when i was 19 for larceny 6th b.o.p and robbery. robbery was dropped because it was larceny blow out of proportion.

im getting off probation in a month but i got 2 years till may 15 2010 if i didnt try to get off

will this keep me out of the military esp navy or army

i was only guilty of b.o.p. larcany 6th and interfering all others were dropped

i will be off probation in a month

and yes i graduated high school

when i join could i be on close watch wit the navy like on probation with them and yes i turned a new leaf. dropped the idiot friends i had and think before i do things now

navy i plan on gunners mate

army i plan on infantry

what i hate is it wasnt robbery at all it was just the kids i was with stealing things and they got caught and no force was used

i also work at ups for almost 2 years wit no problems at work

ive talked to my recruiter and said i have to get off probation before anything happens which will be in a month. im sure he wouldnt say that if he knows that i couldnt join thats for the navy

is there a wait after probation

youthful offender = y.f.

B.O.P. = breace of peace

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    You have to complete your probation first. You won't be eligable till May 16th 2010. Why would they drop a year plus off your probation ? If your on probation, your on probation. The military is not going to take you in and put you on "closae watch", where did you get that idea ? You will need a waiver for the larceny and interferring charges. The dropped charges need to be listed, but don't count.

    Source(s): USN Retired. Former Navy Recruiter.
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    All of that will keep you out of the Navy. Don't know about the Army. ---EDITED--- The reason it will keep you out of the navy is because they look at the whole person concept. Considering the nature of your crimes and the frequency of them you would pretty much be disqualified. If you have 2 years sitting on the shelf til 2010 then that would keep you out of the Navy until those came off, you were off probation, and all fines & fees were paid off. Even though the charges were dropped it is just the sheer fact that you have them on there. You also have a drug charge which Navy looks down upon. People have gotten in with possesions but they took a lot of scrutiny. And even though you may have a better chance with the Army I don't think your chances with them would be all that great either. Your best bet would be to go to college for a couple of semesters, have a STEADY job (none of that temp agency stuff or under the table work), and to do some volunteer work to help boost your image.

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    Probation that started while you were a minor WILL NOT keep you from joining the military in ANY branch. But it will keep you from getting any higher level clearances. However, your ability to spell may keep you out.

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    Where any of them felonys? if not you should have no problem after you get off probation. If they were you will have to get a waver to join with felonies and even then I bet only the army would take you.

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    You asked this once before... other answers not good enough for you?

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