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Breast Feeding and Leiden Factor 5?

With my first pregnancy, I was diagnosed with Leiden Factor 5. Leiden Factor 5 is a blood clotting disorder that is genetical. Anyways, the doctors didn't tell me whether or not it was safe enough to breast feed my daughter, so I didn't. Does anyone have some insight? I'd like to breast feed our next child, but not if it may cause blood clots in my breasts.

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    Not a problem- I have Factor V as well. Will you be on blood thinners after your pregnancy? I was for 6 months after my first child and it was fine to be on coumadin and breast feeding. With this pregnancy (I am 31 weeks) I think I will stay on the Lovenox that I am taking for a while and breast feed. I still have to talk to my high risk doctor about Lovenox and breast feeding. But my regular OB thinks it will be fine.

    If you have any other questions- just contact me and ask.

    I tried to email back but kept getting failure notices-

    Good to hear from you- No I am heterozygous as well. But with my first pregnancy I had a DVT in the 26 week. But I got to the hospital in time and all was well. But I was on Lovenox twice daily after that. Then coumadin for 6 months. Now I take Lovenox injection once daily to prevent another clot from happening. When you get pregnant, your doctor is going to at least put you on aspirin, right?

    But anyway. The whether on blood thinner or not, breast feeding is fine.

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    Breast feeding will not cause this it is genetic.So if your baby was going to have this it would already be in the babies genetic makeup.As far as blood clots in the breast your baby is sucking milk from the breast not blood.Do research on the net to get more info on the subject and talk to the doc about it also.

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