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Sex without condoms..?

Me & my boyfriend have never had sex without condoms.. but the thing is - they really irritate my vagina. I'm on the pill, have been for years - so is it safe to go without a condom? Thanks in advance! =D

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    The choice to go without condoms is up to you, but of course the pill isn’t 100% effective, the condoms give additional protection, also bare in mind that you would need to make sure to use the pill correctly as for example if you miss a pill or are ill it won’t work so condoms will be your only protection. Condoms protect against STI’s so make sure the both of you get tested for STI’s, if you and your partner are not long-term, if you are young or immature the fact is that it’s not worth the risk as all it takes is for him to cheat on you once and you could catch anything. Also remember that things such as bacterial vaginosis and urinary tract infections can be passed from partner to partner so you will need to be knowledgeable enough about your body to spot these infections and make sure to either not have sex or use protection during the time you have the infections. I’d also point out that safe sex is more than just using condoms, make sure you know how to spot problems with each others sexual health, use other safe sex tools such as latex gloves or clingfilm for certain sexual activities, know that condoms are sometimes necessary for example during anal sex to protect him against infection. It’s a hell of a lot to consider, it’s up to you what you do but make sure that you know how to care for each others sexual health in anyway and be careful as even the most seemingly loyal and loving boyfriend can cheat.

    As for condoms irritating your vagina – why do they irritate your vagina and what have you done about it? Chances are you will have to use condoms again sometime so you will need to find the cause of the irritation and do something about it. Another option is femidoms they may not cause you irritation, they are also better as they conduct body heat better, he won’t have to pull out after ejaculation, more comfortable for him and they protect you from more STI’s than condoms do. It may be that condoms irritate you due to lack of lubrication, which is another vital safe sex tool, it may even be that condoms aren’t the problem but lack of lubrication and sex prior to penetration is the problem. It could be that you are allergic to certain types of condoms or brands so try different types of condoms to see if they all have this problem, particularly look at condoms that do not contain latex. Another common problem a lot of women have is an allergy to the spermicide nonoxynol-9 so watch out for condoms that do not contain this ingredient.

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    I agree with the other responders. Its not 100% that you won't get pregnant, oral contraceptives are 99% effective. But there is still that 1 %. It would be best to continue the pill and condoms to ensure your best chances of avoiding pregnancy. WIthout a condom you are potentially exposing yourself to STD or STIs, including HIV that can lead to AIDS. Try a latex free condom, they may be a bit more expensive but less expensive than a child or a lifetime treatment of herpes. Good luck with your decision!

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    Sex without condoms is so much better though. Get a merina IUD. He will love you for it. My girlfriend surprised me 2 years ago with one. We have saved thousands that would have been spent on rubbers. Plus it's somthing like 99.9 percent effective. If he has a strong pull out game you could always do that with the pill

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    People will tell you no, and its not completely safe, as you still aren't 100% protected against pregnancy (you never really are unless you don't have sex), and you aren't protected against STDs, but for that if you both are clean and are only sleeping with one another then you are fine. My boyfriend and I don't use condoms, we both don't like them,I am on the pill, we are both clean, and well neither of us want a baby at the moment, I guess its a chance we are willing to take.

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    the Pill reaches an effectiveness of over 99%, but in practice the rate is much lower. a lot of women will have an unplanned pregnancy in the first year of using the pill, without a condom

    i wouldnt, just to be safe.

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    Depends on her cycle and if any pre ***. Chances are 50%. BUT if you had took a pee before sex or earlier before without wanking it or any hard on's then your chances are lower than 50%. When you pee it flushes out any sperm left behind after past jerking off/sex/hard on's. But then it's possible that not all the sperm has been flushed out, so actually it's pretty much just a wait & see if she's pregnant or not. I had sex with my gf a few weeks ago (no ejaculation) and it went on for about 40 mins but I had previously pee'd before hand. So it's a wait and see for me as well lol.

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    Questions to ask yourself before you stop using condoms

    How long have you been with your Boyfriend? Less than a year and you shouldn't even think about it.

    Would your bf agree to having an std test before you stop using condoms?

    Is your relationship exclusive, do you really trust him?

    Also there are hypo allergenic condoms available, some people are allergic to latex, I know it's an embarrassing subject, but speak to your GP.

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    As long it is sex without condom, make sure the male ejaculate on the outside, not the inside of your vagina

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    sex without condoms is highly abused for anyone ,having a safe sex with your loved one is better to have condom but you both only having sex regularly with only one person means no need of wearing condoms but your better side use and have sex ....happy sex enjoy the chance and fell the crazy ...

    use condoms only branded one like Durex,Moods,Manforce,kamasutra for more better condoms you can find here

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    Its not 100% complete safe but it lowers your chance a lot more than without the pill. Its quite possible you are allergic to latex.

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