Messed with the Ouija board, regret it.?

My friend and I used the ouija board and got some freaky guy who wanted to hurt us.. Like it goes " Help " and my friend goes " whats wrong " and it goes " Hell " and we're like " are you gonna hurt us? " and it goes " yes " And so i freaked out and turned the light on and we came back a little later and my friend goes " u still there " and the candle went out so we turned the light back on and my dog looked like SCARED out of his ******* mind and still does

And my friend has like a pain in her hand that she was holding holy water in..

:( Advice to calm down?

No religious stuff like praying, because that doesn't help lol.



Update 2:

Its not wood, and its not just a pointer.

If you don't believe, get off this part of Y!A

Update 3:

My dog was not in the dark... we turned the light on and he came a little later and looked freaked out the FREAKY GUY was like the spirit talking through the board.

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    I'm sorry that everyone else is only judging your experience and not helping you to calm down. Anyone who has ever used a ouija board, and not just the parker brothers toy version knows that they're dangerous. They've become common for us to use at slumber parties and all kinds of events and the spirits who are unhappily trapped here have recognized that and are also commonly using this as a communications tool. They want to get out, or want some kind of vengeance. Rarely will you find a kind spirit through use of a ouija board, most spirits at peace do not wish to communicate with us and the kind spirits who still linger are startled and scared by us as we are by them. The most common kind of spirit you can summon with a ouija board is one you don't want to mess with. Now whether you actually communicated with a spirit or if the two of you moved the planchette unwittingly, you'd still like to be comforted. Do something else, go somewhere to take your mind off of it. Go out to the movies and see something funny. If you need to, look up the proper ways to dispose of the board and get rid of it. Surround yourself with people, everyone panics more when they're alone. Just relax and take your mind off of it, and don't mess with the board again.

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    I do believe in Ouija boards, and I believe in ghosts. I've seen both, so i know they're real. But as real as the Ouija board is, it has no magical abilities of any kind. That's not just my opinion, it's the opinion of Hasbro Inc., the company who patented and sells the Ouija boards. Ouija boards weren't discovered in an ancient tomb or forbidden reading material by an archaeologist, they were invented by an inventor. He came up with the idea in 1890 and sold the patent to Hasbro, who has been making them ever since. For decades, they were nothing but harmless toys. They only got their 'supernatural' status when a bunch of bible-thumping fundamentalist preachers claimed they were the work of the devil. That's the same group who now claims that Harry Potter movies are also the devil, along with the Teletubbies and most rock & roll bands. Hasbro, by the way, has repeatedly insisted that neither Satan nor any of his minions have ever been on their payroll, not even on a consulting basis. So you can either believe the people who made the board, or the nut-jobs who claim absolutely everything is the work of the devil. Your call. More interesting than the Ouija is this Zozo guy. Although he's said to be a thousand years old, nobody had ever heard of him prior to about 2009. His name is pretty similar to Pazuzu, a mischievous figure from Babylonian mythology who was the villain in The Exorcist. That movie (and book) was about... wait for it... a girl who got possessed by playing with a Ouija board. It's also very close to ZOSO, which was Jimmy Page's 'wizard name' when he was in Led Zeppelin. Jimmy also claimed to use Ouija boards to write music, but later admitted to saying that just to boost album sales. The whole dark-arts thing was really big for rock bands in those days. So you've either picked up a 3 year-old demon with a stolen name by using a forbidden magical device that anybody can buy at WalMart for ten bucks, or you and your friends have let your imaginations and a bit of internet hype get the better of you. Which one sounds more likely?

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    I had a similar experience that creeped me out for life. I touched a box of a ouija board at the toy store. Then I could hear the sound of a man screaming for his life, like he was in hell or something. I heard it in my head, and it didn't go away until I left the toy store.

    So from what it sounds like, there is a guy who is in hell, and he's being used to speak to you through the board. But the hurty part is that he's being used, and that really a demon or some other malevolent being is planning on causing more trouble if you continue to use that thing. Because sometimes evil spirits hijack boards and use it to scare people. Not every board, but some.

    So trash the board so nobody can use it again, and the pointer. Then make a resolution that you'll never dabble in occult again.

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    Oh brother. Impressionability and superstition strikes again. The only way you'll get over this is to come to your senses. You weren't communicating with a spirit, you were demonstrating the ideomotor effect. The answers given were exactly what you were anticipating.

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    Just forget about it. Ouija boards are so easily faked and are hardly a proven way of contacting the other side or whatever, even if we knew for certain that it's possible to do that. When you say 'some freaky guy' I'm assuming you don't really know him- don't you think he was probably just having a laugh with a bunch of gullible people?

    Your dog looked freaked out because he was in the dark then all of a sudden it was light. The candle probably went out because of a draught. There's a million and one reasons why your friend's hand hurts.

    It's just a stupid juvenile game- when you're older you'll think about it and laugh that you took something so stupid so seriously. It meant nothing, nothing happened, it's all in your mind. See any ouija board based horror movie or ghost story for further details.

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    Forgive all these people who have Answered your question, and were not of help, although, there was a few people who were. When you were done with this spirit, you should have said goodbye, and it should have left, being as this was not done, it will be more difficult to remove. also, your friend should have kept the water nearby, but not quite in her hand.

    The first thing you should do now, is have your friend, and yourself get back on the board, and ask it to leave, if it refuses, remind him that his life is over, and that his place, is where he was. Remind him, that it was the way he lived his life, that put him in the circumstance, he is in now, If it is needed, recite this quote....

    "By that what has been placed in me by the almighty, I command you in the name of Jesus Christ, to return to your Place of which you have come. begone in the name of Jesus Christ." This should free you both from it's grip.


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  • John
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    You faked yourselves out. It's well known that the Ouija board "works" on ideomotor effect -- the participants are moving the pointer, whether they know it or not. That's why you got the answers you were afraid of getting, you made it happen. The "Freaky Guy" was a product of this and your active imaginations freaking out in the dark. A candle going out is probably due to draft or accidentally snuffing it out in the dark, and your friend's hand is sore because she was probably gripping too tightly.

    Next time, use the Ouija board from Toys R Us (Hasbro). It glows in the dark, so it's more fun and less scary. They even have a pink one for girls.

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    Stop watching ghost hunters or whatever, and join your local skeptics group. Your fears will disappear, and you will discover how the real world is so awesome without the embellishment of superstition, irrational beliefs and pseudoscience.

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    Regret it would be putting it lightly. You have to close the session, you have opened a door and invited an obviously not friendly one, most likely more than one over. All I can say is good luck with that.

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    Sometimes spirits can be irrational and won't take your questions seriously. They like to play with you sometimes. Don't freak out. they can do no harm. You should have not left the board without saying goodbye though.

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