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Fragrances questions in general?

I have some fragrance questions in general that I'd like answering, please! I'm new to fragrances, so please bear with me.

1) I recently bought a Hugo Boss Eau de Toilette. I recently heard that Eau de Toilette doesn't last very long, and people will stop being able to smell it/you'll have to spray more every 2 hours, is this true?

2) The one I bought is "Boss in motion", on the internet it says cologne and Eau de Toilette but on the actual fragrance it says Eau de Toilette, what's going on? I heard cologne's last an even shorter period of time!

3) How much do you need to spray for people to smell it well? I get the impression nobody is able to smell mine...

Please try and answer all the questions, thanks in advance, and I will be choosing a best answer!

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    1) Eau de Toilette is a "watered" down version of Eau de Parfum. Its a weaker version and no you do not need to constantly spray every 2 hours. We wouldn't want to smell you from miles away! The general rule of thumb and options:

    -pulse points and back of knee. Cleavage if female and chest hair for men. The chest hair is really good at retaining the scent.

    -Spritz twice in the air and do a walk through the mist

    -or spray some on your hairbrush and brush your hair. Your hair will hold the scent.

    2)Eau de toilette and cologne is basically the same thing. A highly watered down version of the original perfume. Highest concentration of scent to lowest goes like this: perfume, eau de parfume, eau de toilette

    3)You just need to spray once or twice, no more. You can't be the best judge of if you smell like it or not as your olfactory nerves in your nose get used to the smell. So bascially, spray in the morning and spray at night before your go out, to refresh the scent. That is all you need. As I said before, women, don't like to smell cologne from miles away, it takes away from the mystery!

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    Cologne is just a general word that means fragrance. Eau de Toilette is a weaker version of Eau de Parfum. Eau de Toilette (EDT) is cheaper than Eau de Parfum (EDP) because there is less fragrance in it. The idea is that you use EDT as a day-to-day perfume and EDP when you need something stronger, like in the evening, or some people just use it because they prefer a stronger smell.

    The best thing to do is to spray a little cloud of it, maybe 4 or 5 squirts, and walk through it. You should only be smelt by the people nearest to you rather than leave the fragrance in the room as you walk through. EDT doesn't last as long as EDP because it's not as strong but as long as you can still smell it you don't need to put any more on.

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    always buy eau de parfum as it is rich and lasts longer than eau de toilette.

    It is comparatively expesnive but would resolve your problem.

    Generally, some perfumes have a tendency to last longer because they contain better quality ingredients than others.

    Secondly, even your skin type will decide how long would a perfume last on you. Some skin absorbs it well and lasts longer while other do not.

    Check out this best perfume list, they are all the ones that last longer:

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    its true eau de toillette lasts less then eau de parfum. try get the body lotion as well wth the toillette and it will last a tad longer :) and just keep spraying and spraying but DONT go overboard!

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